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Team Dead Drift

  Team Dead Drift: The Georgia Fly Fishing Team

Team Dead Drift is a group of anglers who compete in local and national fly fishing tournaments.  The team is excited as it makes strides to collectively participate and encourage in the sport of competitive fly fishing. Those interested to follow the progress of the team as we make steps toward our goals, please feel free to follow and support us!

Mission Statement:

Team Dead Drift is dedicated to developing a competitive fly fishing team to participate in regional, national, and international events.  The Team will strive to assist in educational efforts aimed at teaching the art of fly fishing.  It will also endeavor to participate in conservation efforts (in coordination with other organizations) to protect and preserve the diverse cold water and warm water fisheries throughout the state of Georgia and the southeast. We are a charter club of the Federation of Fly Fishers and a 501c3 tax exempt organization promoting fly fishing through education and competition.


On any given weekend most of us will be setting up our gear and waiting for that first glimpse of daybreak to shine onto our battlefield and the draw of a number that signifies it?s our time to put on our armor and head out into the unknown. Our arena is set for battle and we will win. We will cast, set, wade, net, scream and curse. We will pray to the fish gods to have mercy on us all the while cursing them for every missed opportunity. We will wade, fall in, and swim with reckless abandon. Hoping every spot is the land of opportunity and that our nemesis will fall victim to the fles that we have chosen as our weapon. Each hook set is more than a fish; it?s what we have prepared not only the last few days for but what we have dedicated a large part of our life to. From first to last cast we give it 110% because we know anything less will result in failure and failure is not an option! We have the mindset of a killer, the skill of a surgeon and the strength of a demigod and no one can stop us. We spend the day mentally and physically tearing ourselves apart all the while hoping that time will slow and give us more time to do battle. When the battle is over  and head back to face our fellow competitors, you already know in your mind if you have a chance to stand victorious all the while you are hoping the other warriors day was filled with missed opportunity and strife. In this game sometimes you are the gladiator that rose from the ashes to be victorious and sometimes you lie defeated on our field of battle but what defines you is how you respond to defeat. Anyone can stand strong in the face of victory but it takes a warrior to stand strong in the face of defeat. And remember that when the sun sets, whether you were the winner or the loser that none of that matters because the very next competition it?s a whole new battle. Bask in victory if you were the winner on this one day because with the end of one battle comes preparation for another a mere few days away. As you ready yourself to step into battle, again remember there is always another gladiator preparing twice as hard to make sure that is your last taste of victory.

This is what makes us warriors. NO EXCUSES!





Anyone looking to Join the team should fill out the new Dead Drift application under our documents tab and send to Benjamin VanDevender at Please view the video below to get an good grasp on what competitive fly fishing techniques and competition is all about.



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