George Romanov: an enigma

The parents of George were Their Imperial Majesty the Czar Alexander III and His Imperial Majesty the Czarina Maria Feodorovna


Alexander was born the 10 of March of 1845 and died in Livadia the 1 of November of 1894,  he was czar of Russia from 1881 to 1894. He was the second son of Alexander II and the empress Maria de Hesse,
Alexander III ascended to the throne in 1881, to the assassinated being his father in Saint Petersburg. He was an authoritarian and energetic sovereign, who maintained the autocratic and absolutista system of the Russian monarchy intact. Nevertheless, during his short Russia reign it enjoyed peace and great material progress, was constructed the Transiberiano railroad and the alliance formed franc-Russian.
Marie Feodorovna (  born Princess Marie Sophie Frederikke Dagmar of Denmark)was born the 16 of November of 1847 in Denmark and died in exile the 13 of October of 1928. She was the fourth daughter of King Cristián IX of Denmark and Loise de Hesse-Kassel. The Czar Alexander II of Russia chose to Dagmar, like future wife for his son, the Zarevich Nicholas Aleksándrovich, but Nicholas died in March of 1865.
Marie married with Alexander the 9 of November of 1866, the pair had six children: Alexander, Nicholas, George, Xenia, Michael and Olga.
 Postcard that announces the married commitment of Alexander and Dagmar