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This site is dedicated to knowledge seekers in the world of votive tablet collecting.  It is by foremost important the virtue and spiritual wisdom that we, as collector and hobbyist should cultivate too when seeking interest in Thai Buddhist holy amulets.  I hope you will enjoy reading articles presented from this community site with tremendous benefits to be gained and may you be always well and happy. 

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New Released Article!  Read more about WAT PEYARAM Tok Raja's temple in Tangkak. 

Title: King of Siam Amulet



This book is a must have for those who have already owned a copy of Somdej Wat Rakang (Green cover).  Although this book is in Thai language, but the many examples and references will provide crucial point to learners in order to see more samples of the various phims colours and natural deterioration after more than 100 years.  Since the Green cover book had already provided English translation, this King of Siam Amulet book will provide more detailed photographic references.

King of Siam Amulet will provide the crucial need for readers to further their learning process one step higher. Total 199 colour pages of high resolution quality prints.  Colour accuracy of every printed photos are very high to use as research reference.    

SimplyBuy had specially included a complimentary FREE VCD to accompany this book order.  This VCD entails the life history of Somdej Toh since he was a young child till his passing away at age 85 years old on 22 June 1872.  The re-enactment of Somdej Toh's monkhood in the VCD shows one event when we saw the suffering of mankind.  He then decided to make votive tablets to help devoted Buddhist with his own effort in seeking devine knowledge and help from Lord Buddha.  The most powerful votive tablet today ever created by Somdej Toh is known as Somdej Wat Rakang.     



 Title: "Benjapakee" The Grand 5 Book    


Reference book to guide yourself on 5 Grand Sets "Benjapakee".  


Title: Somdej Wat Rakang 



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A photo tour to a well respected Thai temple in Ipoh, Perak. 


 Wat Arun, Somdej Kaiser 

Around B.E. 2413, Somdej Toh made the first Somdej Kaiser for King Rama V.  Revisit the history of this famous Somdej Kaiser amulet made at Wat Arun in recent times.  



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