Astro-Imaging with a Webcam

About Me

I am an amateur astronomer living in sunny Somerset, in the South-West of England. I live at the edge of a town, so I get reasonable views.

Although my technique has improved with practice I still regard myself as aárelative beginner. If only the weather would be better!

I haven't always included the settings I used forátheáimages, as due to an earlier hard disk crasháI can't remember what they were in all instances. I must keep better records in future (and do more regular back-ups).

I try to do periodic updates to my image gallery. Got some pictures of Mars iná2005 and 2007 and again in 2010,áand some reasonable ones of Saturn in 2006 and 2007.á At the end of 2012 I took one of my best images of Jupiter since 2007.I have managed to get an image of a comet and an asteroid and have mostly completed my Solar System 'rogues gallery'.ááI want to try and do a bit more onáDeep-Sky Objects but it requiriesámore accurate alignment, time and patience so we shall see about that.

2012 and 2013 have not been good years due to bad weather (especially 2012) and illness. Also there was an extraordinary amount of rain in the early part of 2014. However, the acquisition of a Coronado PST has meant that I have been able to try my hand at solar imaging with some reasonable results.



Geoff Knight