Gena Windstarr

Sexy , Sassy....Deadly

Site News and Updates

Site news/ updates-

  11 11 18. Discord and Skype are my main ways of role playing now. I will RP in private messages on the rp forums i belong to, e mail rp is still an option. 

10 - 6 17. Since AOHELL is killing the aim messenger, both as a stand alone and as part of the aol buddy list thingy. If any of you fine, playful but not too perverted and actually plot loving as well as some pleasure RPers out there want to get hold of me, then your best bet is e mail at or [ until they kill that too ] E mail me and if we are compatible and get a good story outline worked up we can exchange contact info. I will RP via e mail, skype, trillian or discord. I also belong to a few RP forums where we can RP over private messages or threads. Again, i love plot with some pleasure / romance. But read my limits page cause there is a lot of sick crap i will not do so do not ask. 

 - 12 - 17 I am a huge Doctor Who fan and wouldn`t mind trying a SL based on that. Would like to find someone to be The Doctor or a similar character for an alternate universe DW type SL

1-27-15. Yes, yes, I KNOW i must seem like some kind of out dated dinosaur. Yes, , i KNOW decent RP is harder and harder to find. But i LOVE these settings, these characters , these animes and games that i speak of throughout this site. Its why i started RPing in the first place. For the love of God and my sanity. Is there ANYBODY out there that can give me what i need with any fair sort of skill and fun-ness? Most of my old RP crew are gone, we all get busy with real life, i miss them, wish them well and hope we may play again. So can anyone fill that void that they left?

1-18-15.New twist on my Hellsing SL idea, just wanted to write it out before i forgot it all lol.

 9-1-13. Wow, its been a long time since i last updated anything here. I have been out of the RP Game for quite a while. My real life got amazingly better than it had been , plus a sad decline in the RP settings i really liked coupled with an ever growing number of sick fettish sexual perverts online made RP seem much less fun and much less worth my time and effort. I still enjoy good RP, im trying to find old contacts and maybe meet a few new ones. Im not around 24 / 7 of course but i am up for RP maybe a couple or three times a week, in IMs or E mail IM Gena Windstarr , e mail My mun rules are still in effect , as are my prefrences. Its likely damn nigh on impossible to find the stuff i used to do as far as FF7 , Hellsing and etc RP Story Lines but hey, a woman can dream cant she? I still have my favorite canons but customs are welcome in the various settings. Medieval fantasy is still welcome. Modern fantasy with some sort of supernatural twist or detective mystery type themes are also nice. I still like vampires but for the love of sanity please, NONE OF THAT SPARKLEY FROOT LOOP TWILIGHT BULLSHIT! VAMPS DON`T SPARKLE LIKE A LITTLE FAIRY PRINCESS! Im all for Dhampirs , daywalkers some call em, like vampire hunter D and the like. Half vamp hybrids who dont fuggin sparkle and glitter and induce projectile vomiting. And while i do enjoy a romantic story line, and i will include sex scenes i REQUIRE some actual PLOT. None of this jumping straight to smut, especially if im not used to you, and im married OOC and not looking for anything beyond friendship so dont ask me for any kind of hookups or pics of myself or any of that. Anyway, check out the site, mun rules especially and i do have a few SL ideas listed. Contact me if interested, maybe we can boot some ideas around and come up with something to interest us.

Basic Info .Designed to draw you in deeper LOL

Hello there. This website is to provide all the information on my RP character Gena Windstarr as well as a bit of info on her player { scroll down }. I play Gena in different types of RP as you can see by all the links over to your left. Each version has her own history and life yet the looks and age and such are the same. However if i play my Dhampir Gena she will look around 25 but be older due to being half vampire.

Each of the several pics I have for her represent her well so just pick the charrie pic you like best for " your" Gena lol . Also if you wish to RP with this charrie PLEASE READ  RULES / LIMITS FIRST before contacting me.. It might save a lot of misunderstanding later.

Feel free to browse over the different versions of her for the different RP settings mentioned and tell me which Gena you want....and please FEEL FREE TO SIGN THE GUESTBOOK.  

 I am looking for hopefully longer term  mature RP.. meaning romantic sls.. adult situations and language.. passion, love ,adventure and drama so please be at least 18..Thank you.  Here is her basic info.. NOTE :... the charrie has nothing to do with Outlaw Star.. I never seen the show ...nor heard the name gene starwind until ppl started asking about it.. I made up the name Windstarr and my own real first name is Gena

PLEASE read mun rules... yeah.. i HAD to say it again lol

Gena Windstarr
Five foot seven
Trim,toned body. Curved in the right places.
Lovely blue eyes , thick, shiny waist length red hair
A gentle and loving soul, loyal, nurturing, playful, passionate and protective.

But, shes fiery, if you push her too far or threaten what she holds dear she will get all up in your face and let you know you`ve done crossed a line.

A warrior and a healer. Curious, adventurous


A little about the player...

I`m pretty open and laid back. I enjoy getting to know the people i rp with. I can be silly and flirty ooc but i can also be serious and be there for my friends when they need me .I am married, happily, so don`t cross any ooc lines and we should get on fine. I have been rping since 2003, its when i got my first computer and when i saw ppl rping i just had to try.

I am a well over 21 southern gal from texas. I can be a very loving person but if i get pissed off you will know it . i love rping with people of all ages, as long as they are at least 18 and i have seen folks older than myself rp but just not often in the settings of the games and animes i prefer .I am very protective of my charrie as i put my own heart, soul and feelings into her, shes an extension of me.

Don`t even think of asking about ooc pics or webcam crap, i dont play that. My character may be up for some ic fun but ooc its friendship only.