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Holiday Time

Posted by Gillian Hayes on June 22, 2012 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Ahhh holiday a last for Moosey! He has been turned out for the last four months and is looking VERY porky!

He has enjoyed his break but misses the attention that comes with being a working horse and I have quite often just seen him standing by the gate looking for someone. Every now and again when he sees someone on the deck he will call out at the top of his lungs as if to say "someone come and give me some love".

Moosey will be back on board as of the end of July for lessons again and will be looking forward to all your carrots, hugs and brushing.

Success At Last!!

Posted by Gillian Hayes on December 19, 2011 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Moosey attending his third PT start on Sunday at Waikanae.

We entered the dressage ring and had made one full curcuit into a change of rein when the wind came up from noowhere and took out the entire side of the arena. All the pipes and stands collapsed and rolled over. He hardly flinched but did tense up somewhat and refused to bend :-(. Unfortunately this knocked up back a bit and he received a couple of 5's for the next few movements. In hindsight I should have stopped and asked to start again BUT I was unsure what the rules were......I really didn't want to risk being eliminated!!!! Could I be any unluckier???

After dessage we were sitting 5th. Show jumping next and they were pretty small after the SJping champs at Dannevirke so I felt pretty confident. He did the LOVELIEST calm smooth fact it was probably the nicest round I have ever done on him. I have been having a hard time getting him to do flying changes and he did one PERFECTLY so I was VERY happy!! There were not many dropped rails or stops so I didn't hold much hope of moving any further up the placings......BUT......then the results came out and I had DROPPED to 7th :-(.....GUTTED!!! I had accrued 4 time faults!! Couldn't believe it! Oh well its all a learning experience isn't it. You only make these mistakes once :-)

The cross country course was pretty gnarly not to mention large. The majority of the PT jumps were also flagged as training jumps but I felt very confident after completing the very difficult course at Aokaoutere the other weekend. BUT this course was LONG! It took over 45 mins to walk it and had a time limit of 5 mins 18 seconds. He took off out of the start box a happy horse!.....We were off!!.....He was born to do this and just LOVES it!....Ears forward and hooves pounding he took the first jump in his stride and immediately his ears were pricked again looking for his next jump to fly! He flew round the course like a pro. Straight into the water, over the rolltop, up the hill, up a bank and flew straight out the other side! he even overtook another horse....I don't think we'll be getting time faults for this round!!!

After the x-country The Moosemester (as he is now oficially registered as) finished in third place! WAHOO!! Had we not got those STUPID time faults in SJping we would have won! My fault! LOVE my boy so much!

On arriving home I was estatic and hadn't felt a buzz like that in years! What a fantastic drug adrenalin is! A friend arrived home on the x-country just after me and I got to watch and cheer her on for her last 5 jumps! Was incredible to see her flying around the course with so much confidence and then it dawned on me........haven't we come a long way!!! I LOVE this!!

2nd Pre-Training Eventing Start

Posted by Gillian Hayes on December 12, 2011 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Moose had his second outing and finished 2nd after dressage on 72%!!! The highest score he has achieved to date.

The wonderous high of the dressage results were unfortunately closely followed by our first EVER runout on the x-country course. A VERY narrow rolltop! He drifted out to the RHS. Unfortunately this put us down the placings from 2nd to 6th. There were only 2 clear rounds on the x-country as it was a very challenging course.

All in all I was still very pleased with him. It is all mileage.

First pre-training eventing start

Posted by Gillian Hayes on November 28, 2011 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Moosey had his first Pre-traing evnting start in the weekend. His dressage test was BEAUTIFUL but unfortunately he decided dressage bored him to tears and he very swiftly exited the arena at A!! Unfortunately in dressage if all four feet leave the arena this results in elimination! Always a first time for everything:D and although I was peeved it was kinda funny!!

I carried on and he got four faults (one rail down) in SJping but went on to have the most incredible clear x-country round. Some of the jumps were alot bigger and far wider and more solid than we had jumped but he didn't even seem to notice. He LOVED it! Had we not been eliminated we would have finished 6th. Was SUPER proud of him and am looking really forward to his next event this weekend.

Clydeys CAN do dressage!!

Posted by Gillian Hayes on October 9, 2011 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Moose just went out and did his first dressage day! He finished 5th in his first class with a score of 67% and 2nd in his second test with a score of 63%.

Who said Clydesdales can't do dressage??!!!

No longer do I feel that sense of dread entering the arena, he is just so calm in everything that he does.

Jumping the Big Boy Jumps

Posted by Gillian Hayes on January 17, 2011 at 7:52 PM Comments comments (0)




Today Moose started schooling over the big boy jumps....he made them feel so tiny. He doesn't feel like he's even trying. I felt as if he could have trotted into them and cleared them :-) I love jumping him.......feels like flying :-)

First Eventing Debut - Intro level

Posted by Gillian Hayes on October 31, 2010 at 3:27 AM Comments comments (0)

Lets be honest.....I HATE dressage with a passion!! I do I because I have to. I know that by schooling my horses it creates a lovely soft, supple and obedient ride......but if you give me a choice I would way rather and high *grin*!!


As a kid I did dressage as part of an event because I HAD to:o and I would ALWAYS finish last or second to last, then C SJ and C X-country and would finsh about 10th in the field.


I felt the very similar sense of dread as the horn tooted and waited for the usual jig jogging and unplanned side passes but nothing came........he entered straight, he turned a beautiful left turn, he trotted calmly in a lovely 20m circle. He did the calmest and lightest test I have ever had the pleasure of riding.  Again he made me smile.


Clear SJ and clear X country...............Moosey jumps like a seasoned pro!


He won us a 5th placing................I am sooo proud!


Is there anything he can't do???

First Jumping Debut

Posted by Gillian Hayes on October 31, 2010 at 3:21 AM Comments comments (0)

Last weekend Moose had his first jumping start in Levin at 80cms.


We did our first Showhunter round ever and he went clear. We got quite a few of the strides incorrect as he seems to have a really short stride but he is incredibly honest and always gives 100%.


Then we did Show Jumping at 80cm Optimum Time. This was where I feel really comfortable. He didn't even look at even one of the very spooky fills and he flew them like an experienced schoolmaster. I couldn't stop smiling!!  We did every jump with perfect striding.....shame it wasn't showhunter *LOL*


Hubby was there to watch and siad that I was grinning from ear to ear the whole way round! It felt incredible, just like it used to when I was a wee kid! Haven't enjoyed something that much in YEARS!!


He knocked a rail which put us out but  couldn't have cared less.....he was a complete star!!

Famous Last Words-he throws me off.......

Posted by Beachbrook Riding Stables on June 22, 2010 at 11:21 PM Comments comments (0)

I never thought I would see the day but Moose has chucked me off!! A friend and I decided to go for a ride to the beach. I was swimming him in the waves bareback when my friends horse decided to take off up into the sand dunes. Moose didn't want to be left behind and he LEPT out of the water after his mate. He put in three huge bucks and unfortunately I kept landing square back in the middle of his back. I knew the sooner I got off the nicer my fall was going to be.


Unfortunately by the time I was off he was well out of the water and I bit the sand hard :-( I got straight up and went running after him and he of course was with his mate in the sand dunes. I must have connected my leg with a back hoof as he chucked me as I now have a permanent reminder of that day etched into my shin......THANKS MOOSEY!!

Moose gets mouthed and backed

Posted by Beachbrook Riding Stables on October 3, 2009 at 3:48 AM Comments comments (0)

I spent 3 months on the mouthing side of things. I started him in a fulmer to help with steering. I mouthed him, short reined him (over the neck) and long reined him.


The biggest issue for him seemed to be understanding steering. He would continually "over steer" and drift out through ths shoulder. It took him a while to understand what it was I was asking.


Backing - basically I spent 3 weeks tying him to the fence, leaning over him and bit by bit putting more and more weight on him until finally he had my full weight draped over him. Lots of bum patting and still no reaction so I swung my leg over heart in mouth and then...............nothing...........he carried on sleeping :-)


I then sat up ...that gave him a bit of something to think about and I think at that point I might have seen an ear twitch!! Next was walking and to be honest this was the bit that scared me. I know from experience that this was where the bucking, bolting and leaping potentially can start! So I enlisted a helper to lead him should anything happen. For the first few steps he was incredibly wobbly and felt like he had been on the beers all night. We did two laps of the very small paddock and left it at that. I did that every second day for a two week period, then.............I was on my own....


I had been mounting from a large drum  for the last two weeks so neded to teach him how to have someone mount from the ground so I attached the stirrups and left them dangling for a couple of rides to get him used to it ......on the fourth ride with stirrups I mounted from the drum but I put my foot in the stirrup. Halfway on he just exploded.........I quickly removed my foot and watched the skillfull aerobatics.......holy crap he was agile....twisting, bucking, leaping, snorting.....the most active I have ever seen jaw hit the ground and I all of a sudden suffered from my first real doubts as to my ability to back him. I removed his saddle and turned him out to eat.


The next day I braved it and mounted from the drum.......he didn't move.......walked him around, my heart was pounding out of my chest and I was ready to jump at the littlest lunge or increase of pace..........nothing. He was perfect.....again I attached the stirrups....nothing....I got off.....stood on the drum........put my foot in the stirrup and swung my leg reaction at all.


That was basically it. I have not had any repeat of the performance that day but I am always mindful of what he is capable of....I certainly wouldn't last very long should he ever decide to do that with me onboard.