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Ecto 1 (1986)

Here is the Ecto 1, the frist vehicle released in the RGB toyline and by far the most popular. It nicely resembled the Ecto 1 we all knew and loved from the show and this thing was made pretty well compared to most other toy vehicles. This thing could take a beating. To find a complete one loose will be in the $30 range depending on sticker and plastic condition.

Ecto 2

Ecto 2 (1988)

Here is the Ecto 2. What was cool and unique about the Ecto 2 is that it was the only other vehicle besides the Ecto 1 to actually be on the show. Plus it was a pretty fun vehicle to boot.

Also if you look closely on the bottom left hand corner you can see, "As Seen In The Real Ghostbusters TV Show" See even Kenner knew it was one of the few vehicles that they produced that were on the show.

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Highway Haunter

Highway Haunter (1988)

   Here is the Highway Haunter a Volkswagen licensed Beetle/praying mantis transformer. It was the only other "car" that functioned in the Firehouse properly. While this car was never featured on the show, Janine had a Beetle that the GB's used, though it wasn't this specific car.

Ecto 500

Ecto-500 (1989)

Ecto 3

Ecto-3 (1989)
While there is an Ecto-3 on the show. It was not this car, it was a small weird car that fit in the rear fender of the Ecto 1. This car was more of a go-kart.

Ecto 1A

Ecto 1A (1990)

   Here is the Ecto 1A. It was relased in 1990 after Ghostbusters 2 and is the only RGB toy aside from the Ecto Charger  to directly reference the second movie. It was exactly the same mold as the Ecto 1 but it contained a new sticker sheet to make it resemble the Ecto 1A.

Ghost Sweeper

Ghost Sweeper (1990)

Ecto Bomber

Ecto-Bomber (1990)

Haunted Vehicles

Haunted Vehicles (1988)

Air Sickness: A Closer Look

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