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The Real Ghostbusters by Kenner (1986-1991)

    The Real Ghostbusters toyline by Kenner lasted about as long as the TV series from 1986-1991. This was one of the longest and most successful toylines by Kenner. It featured many toy innovations like the emotive expressions of the Fright Features and Super Fright Features series, to the transforming Haunted Human/Vehicles Series. Kenner added even more innovation with the extensive "Power Packs" of the Power Pack Heroes line, and an extreme use of "glow in the dark" on the Ecto Glow line.

From the 1987 Sears Christmas Catalog

    Unfortunately Playmates' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ended RGB's reign in 1991. Leaving quite a few unfinished figures, prototype weapons, and playsets. The Ecto Glow series saw a limited release, making them very rare. The last remnants of the line was the Ecto Bomber. It was released in small quantities in 1991, making it a very valuable item. A few years later in 1993 Kenner had quite a few still in their warehouses and cleared out its extra stock. This made the Ecto Bomber one of the last Real Ghostbusters toys to hit shelves.

From a 1988 Kmart Ad.

    With Kenner's innovation and unique originality. The Real Ghostbusters toyline effectively captured the spirit of the cartoon. This is why the toyline is still popular and sought after today. Each toy takes us back to our youth and our love of all things Ghostbusters.

    In the links below you can see just about every facet of Kenner's RGB line. From the actual released toys to the never released. You can also check out the behind the scenes production process, and the way Kenner promoted and distributed The Real Ghostbusters toyline. Last but not least; be sure to see Jocsa's Real Ghostbusters toyline that used Kenner's molds with license.  

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