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First Series Ghosts

    First Series Ghosts (1986-1987)

    These are the first series of ghost figures to go with the First Series Heroes. Stay Puft and Slimer (still referred to as Green Ghost) were released with the First Series Heroes in 1986. While the second wave of ghosts were released in 1987. No human figures were released with them. So for identification purposes, both the first and second wave of stand alone ghosts will be referred to as the First Series Ghosts.

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Gooper Ghosts

Gooper Ghosts (1987-1988)

    These are the Gooper Ghosts. They were the first theme specific line of Ghosts. They had oversized mouths that would entrap your RGB fig in slime. They were released in 1987 with Slimer's own Gooper Ghost iteration being released the year after in 1988.

Banshee Bomber: A Closer Look

Slimer Gooper Ghost: A Closer Look

Haunted Humans

Haunted Humans (1988)

    This was one of the most successful "Ghost" series in the RGB line. The same year Kenner released their very popular Fright Features series. The Haunted Humans gave the RGB's something to be frightened about. 1988 was a very innovative year for the RGB toyline. With the Heroes and Ghosts of the series getting emotive facial expressions, and shape shifting humans respectively.

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Ecto Plazm

Ecto Plazm (1988)

    Here is individually packaged Ecto Plazm. While Ecto Plazm was released with the Gooper Ghosts and Fire House in 1987. It took until a year later to release Ecto Plazm on its own. For this release Kenner introduced new colors varying from the standard pink. Now they offered 4 colors Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Purple. Each different color provided a different "class" of ghost inside. The ghosts were simple, small, and made of plastic. They were offered as a bonus to the purchased slime. Presumably as a consolation prize because most kid's Ecto Plazm quickly became stuck in "mom's" carpet.

    This was a hugely popular product and is considered by many to be the ultimate "slime" toy. Do to the short lifespan of the opened product, Ecto Plazm is becoming a harder and harder "slime" to find.

The box Ecto Plazm was displayed in.

Mini Ghosts

Mini Ghosts (1988)
    Here is the small Mini Ghost faction. This gave a smaller ghost option for buyers. Since most separate ghosts were rather large. Many of these were produce and are one of the most common RGB figs to find.

Second Series Ghosts

Second Series Ghosts (1988-1989)

    Here is the second series of non-line centric ghosts. I label these as the "Second Series" do to the release date 1988. This was the year that the second human series Fright Features was released. Thus 1988 is a good year to start the "Second Series" of Ghosts. Pull Speed Ahead and Brain Blaster were released in 88. The rest were released in 89.

    This series had a new Slimer with a Proton Pack, but for some reason they continued to label him as "Green Ghost". He also had to variants with a blue or red proton pack. Neither is more valuable or more rare than the other.

Brain Blaster Ghost: A Closer Look

Hollywood Monsters

Hollywood Monsters (1989)

    Here is the Hollywood Monsters series. It featured classic movie monsters of the past. It was the only ghost line to not feature original characters either featured in the Ghostbusters Mythos or original creations from Kenner for the RGB toyline.

The Dracula Monster: A Closer Look

Gobblin' Goblins

Gobblin' Goblins (1990)

    Here is the Gobblin Gobblins series. It was the last individual ghosts released by Kenner. This series lacked the imagination and innovation that Kenner had put into previous ghosts and figures. The actual design and construction was cheap as well. Overall this was one of the more disappointing series in Kenner's RGB toyline.

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Plush

 Plush Ghosts (1987)
   Here is the Plush Ghosts released early on in 1987. They featured only Stay Puft, and Slimer (once again titled green ghost). Their eyes and mouth glew in the dark, and Slimer actually functioned as a puppet.

   What was also cool (and featured on the back of the Stay Puft box) is that you could use the Plush Stay Puft as a more scale marshmallow adversary.

A Closer Look :Stay Puft

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