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Extreme Ghostbusters by Trendmasters (1997)

    Here is the section dedicated to the Extreme Ghostbusters toyline by Trendmasters. The actual look and design of the characters on the show were based on Trendmasters designs.

     This toyline had many pluses and minuses. On the plus side we had new Ghostbusters toys for the first time in over 6 years. They had some nice features like "lights & sounds" in the deluxe series proton packs . The Ecto 1 was very kick ass, with many features including a working ghost trap, "lights & sounds", and more. We got a scale Slimer for the first time in any GB toyline. The toyline also brought RGB fans the first Sam Hain figure.

The one and only EGB Toy commercial.

    On the minus side the paint apps were sub par. The regular toyline's suit didn't match up with the shows at all. Also for some reason Egon and Roland had some kind of vacuum cleaner instead of a proton pack. Another beef I had, was an absence of the "No-Ghost" logo on their arms. To me the biggest failure of the toyline and show for that matter. Was the lack of respect for one of the most iconic logos ever. It wasn't painted on any of the figures and the artists for the cartoon rarely drew the full logo.

    The toyline lasted just for that Fall 1997 season, and was on discount racks for the next few years. While you can find most of the regular and deluxe figures for a decent price. The Ecto 1 can get a little pricey.

Regular Series Humans

Here is the regular series human figs. They were ok but they didn't match the show that well, which is a big pet peve for me. Plus we didnt get a Gary fig either which was lame. But i will say this i was pretty excited to see Ghostbusters on the shelf again.

Deluxe Series Humans

Here is the deluxe series humans the figures in this series did look more like te ones on the show, but why did Eduardo have a pink proton pack. If you have any good pics of these figs in there boxes please send them to me at

Back of the Card


Here were some cool ghost and we finally got a sam hain fig, even though i dont remember him being on EGB.

Ecto 1

Here is the Ecto 1 from the Extreme Ghostbusters series. This was a pretty cool vehicle the only problem that i had wit it was that the stickers that were given on the actual toy were the EGB logo instead of the normal logo shown on the pic below. But besides that it was a pretty cool Ecto 1

Small Vehicles

These smaller vehicles came with a figure. I do not belive that they were ever released in the U.S. but they were released in the UK. These are very rare. Thanks to for this info.

Proton Pack and Trap

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