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GBTA: The Biggest Archive of Ghostbusters Toys Online!!

    Welcome to the Ghostbusters Toy Archive: your place for Ghostbusters toys. At this time we have archived information and pictures of The Real Ghostbusters (RGB) toyline by Kenner. The Extreme Ghostbusters (EGB) toyline by Trendmasters. The Filmation's Ghostbusters (FGB) toyline by Schaper. The NECA Ghostbusters toyline, and many other GB related merch.

  •     Are you looking to Buy Ghostbusters toys and other GB merch? GBTA is excited to announce that we have the online GBTA Store! It's brand new so check frequently for more GB merch from my personal collection!
  •     Want to know how much your GB toys are worth? Check out the one and only GBAF Price Guide!
  •     Want to know whats new at the Archive? Be sure to check out the newly created News & Updates page for the latest news and updates on GBTA
    So check everything out, we have a lot of new pics up and a lot more to come. Check often because we are always adding to the Ghostbusters Toy Archive.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at

It's Our 5th Anniversary!

Its our 5th Anniversary!

     The Ghostbusters Toy Archive was founded in September of 2003. Since then the GBTA has striven to document and archive all of the Ghostbusters toys that have been produced since the 80's.

     As part of our 5th Anniversary I have been doing a large number of updates and overhauls to the website. There is now our online store where you can purchase Ghostbusters merch from my personal collection. There is a new forum to take the place of the old GB Swap Meet. We have ressurected the price guide from the first Ghostbusters toy website, The Ghostbusters Action Figure Web, which went offline in 2002.

     I have added over a hundred new reference pics, and more information on every toy series in the archive. So if you havent been around in a while check everything out, and celebrate the last 5 years!


That's right aka Mattel is going to produce a whole line of Ghostbusters toys based on the movies and the beloved cartoon! Click Here for the official press release

Click this picture to get all of the Latest Pics and Info on the new Mattel Toyline Page!

We will be at New York Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con. We will have exclusive pictures to be added to the new Mattel section of the archive! So check often...


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