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Video Poker

Poker has evolved and branched out more than any other casino game in history. From the original five-card draw poker, there are literally hundreds of poker game variations today. Video poker, similar to other poker game versions, is very loosely based on the original five-card version. But, unlike all other poker versions, video poker is played by a single player on an electronic machine.

A video poker machine resembles a slot machine in its nature of being a single-player electronic console. Today, video poker games are one of the most popular casino games in the world. Proof of this can be seen on the casino floors that are normally more than half covered by video poker and slot machines.

Similar to the way poker has branched out, there are hundreds of different versions of video poker machines. For players who enjoy the opportunity of playing poker by themselves and like the added element of putting in a small amount of money and possibly winning large, video poker is a clear choice.

Remember to find out if there is a slot or players' club at the casino where you're playing. Every game of video poker you play will allow you to earn comp points good for an array of great casino promotions, including various vouchers from free dinners to free hotel room stays.

Video Poker Articles

How to Play Video Poker
Video poker machines made their entrance into the casinos around the 1970's and their popularity has been increasing every since. Today, video poker is the most popular form of slot machine gambling and new versions of video poker machines are being created every year. The basic objective of all the machines remains the same, though. Read It

Video Poker Rules
For players wanting to challenge their poker skills but would rather play alone or for those players just seeking a great game with a low house edge, video poker is a good match. Read It