Garden Gnome's adventures

The adventures of a bouncing garden gnome!

Dear reader,

Welcome to my own website!

The road to the perfect garden is not an easy one. On this site you can follow this full-of-bounce garden gnome's progress along the way.

In Dutch this website already is a meeting point for all more or less experienced garden gnomes. There they can find (almost) all information they need to create and maintain a wonderful garden. It is now in the proces of being translated in English. If you come back regularly, you can watch it grow....

In "Who is Garden Gnome" you can get aquinted with me, while in "Garden Gnome's Gardens" you will find some background information on my three (!) gardens. 
Laugh and cry with me while reading my gardenblog, in which I write about my successes and failures, and by watching the albums in which they all become visible.
Plant Pleasantries is a collection of little, completely useless but always funny tidbits of information that can really make you smile.
If you want to comment on this website, you can use the guestbook (for which I thank you beforehand).
Do you have a question or do you want to contact me? You can use the "Ask Garden Gnome" link in the navigation bar.

I also swap or sell seeds. In "Seed lists" you can see what I have to offer. To order you can use the order form.

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