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We are currently not recruiting for volunteers at the moment due to some changes being made to our Gap/Volunteers Programme.

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Welcome to the IcFEM Mission Gap website! Our Gap Programme offers a unique experience for volunteers to come out and visit us here in Western Kenya. Our Gap programme invites you to come and spend time working alongside our mission and experiencing a very different, but very wonderful culture.

IcFEM mission encourages community transformation and self help. This Christian mission is interdenominational and encourages people into holy living and hard work to see change happen. The Gap programme runs from it’s headquarters in Kimilili, Bungoma province yet helps communities from over 1100 villages across western Kenya.

Our volunteers are invited to come out and get involved with what we are doing out in the community. IcFEM covers many areas of need from working with the orphaned, disabled, elderly and poor. Volunteers can choose from a range of activities from teaching , farming, construction work , preaching, skills training, music and sports. Our programme likes to make the most of our volunteers, so we design individual programmes for each visitor. We aim to bridge a gap between the rich and poor worlds by using individuals gifts and skills to accelerate community transformation together. Our Gap programme invites anyone, age 18 to 80, for two weeks to six months who is willing to get stuck in, to experience something different and to help those who really need it…

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Matthew Kerridge and Matthew Ryding on Volunteering in Africa

A Sky TV interview of Matthew Kerridge and Matthew Ryding promoting the IcFEM Gap Volunteers Programme and sharing their experiences of volunteering in Africa.

Interview Clip

Director's Letter

Dear Volunteer,

Living in poverty is not just an issue of material deficit. The poor develop their own adaptive culture, which includes withdrawal from participating in wider society institutions/activity and a strong feeling of marginality, helplessness, dependency, weak self-image and a sense of resignation. Any meaningful transformation development process must focus on reversing this negative culture, by building up their self esteem and giving them back their sense of worth, self-respect, identity, respect, honour and recognition.

Through participation, IcFEM uses projects not as an end (material benefits) in themselves but as a means to free the poor from socio-psychological poverty and thus pave the way for ‘Holy Living’. Participation promotes empowerment through changes of attitudes and self-realisation, power within oneself. This process includes the promotion of cooperation and not competition, power sharing and not power concentration, community building and not individualism, care and concern and not selfishness, justice and not exploitation. Participation consolidates collective empowerment and builds peoples’ power to take charge through capacity building. Participation enables the development process to be internalised.

In line with our mission of accelerating community transformation, we have recognised that those from developed societies can be a great asset in various ways within the programmes and projects the Mission is undertaking to alleviate poverty. To involve them, the Mission has opened up opportunities through our service delivery structure called IcFEM gap programme. For those who will trust us enough to choose IcFEM gap programme, a deliberate arrangement has been made for them to gain maximum benefits from the programme by also including a range of interesting ecotouristic activities volunteers may like to do. As God is central in most people's lives in Kenya (87% Christians), those who feel the need to know God better and to strengthen their relationship with Him will find the programme most rewarding. The IcFEM Mission will give you a fantastic opportunity to do your part to stamp down on poverty in Africa.  As our Mission is to Accelerate Community Development, IcFEM has now developed a gap programme for international students and volunteers to share their valuable skills. The Gap Programme involves volunteers in meaningful and enjoyable tasks in Western Province, Kenya and is run and managed in a relatively large town of Western Province called Kimilili. Please visit our blog and keep up to date with the Missions work at www.icfem-mission.blogspot.com

Solomon Nabie,

Director, IcFEM-Mission

(Western Kenya)



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