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D.E. and Anne Landers married nearly ten years ago following a whirlwind horse racing tour of nine states.  Their  journey crisscrossed the western United States sixteen times as their love of horses, racing and each other carried them from racetrack to racetrack.  The couple then settled on D.E.'s 15 acre homestead north of Tulsa in  2006.  Following Anne's short stint of employment at a local riding academy the couple prepared their property to receive a small, select group of boarders, training and lesson clientele and worked for the next six years providing equine services to the local market focusing on racing at Oklahoma's four tracks, beginner riding instruction and showing at the various national and world level horse shows at the Tulsa Expo Square facility.

Brother Bama winning the Den Purse at Delta Downs, Vinton LA

D.E. grew up in the countryside of Pittsburg Oklahoma and took his first training job as a Junior in High School.  Back then, the rate for horse training was less than a $1/day!  Following graduation, he spent a few years in the oil fields of eastern New Mexico before enlisting in the Navy.  Stationed in Pensacola Florida, D.E. studied to be an Aviation Electrician, a career which served him thirty years as an Inspector for Boeing.  During this time he owned and trained several winning Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, Paint and Thoroughbred race horses.  

Best known for his success with lower-priced stock and horses that other trainers had tossed aside, his training style focuses on animals having a much different regime than that found on the cramped backside of many racetracks.  Daily turnout in grassy paddocks is the staple for a D.E. Landers-trained horse as are daily exercise of varying types.  He grew up in an era where horsemen learned to diligently care for their horse's legs and feet and this attention to detail is provided for every trainee in his stable.  D.E. has been a licensed trainer in ten states.

Anne began teaching and training more than 20 years ago following a successful Junior and Amateur career which netted several National and Reserve National Championships.  A graduate of Kent State University with a degree in Advertising, Anne worked a 'real' job before trading the corporate arena for the horsey one.  Now with more than 35 National and Reserve National Championship horses and students on her resume, she is specializing her talents in the show ring on the English breed show horse and more specifically on the retraining of the Lander's ex-racehorses for careers in the show arena. 

She remains active on the hunter/jumper circuit, firmly believing that the conservative education one receives in the 'real' hunters provides a 'step up' to the increasingly technical jumping courses found in the breed show arena.  Anne has also focused her education this past year on Dressage and has shown it's value in developing a horse's mental and physical attributes in a harmonious manner.  During the years she spent at the racetrack, she obtained licenses as an exercise rider, pony person, groom and owner.  In addition to honing her horsemanship skills, this time also led to the development of her beliefs about retraining the ex-racehorse for secondary careers.   


D.E. & Anne's Favorite Quote is:  "It's Never a Wasted Day if you Learn Something."



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