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Posted on June 13, 2010 at 8:59 AM

Finally got out portable properly for the first time in forever.  Drove into the County Durham hills towards a usual haunt and en-route discovered another one!  Not as far to travel and just as remote.  Of course with HF the surroundings hills are not such a problem.  VHF might need a bit more care though.

I was trying out my new I-Pro portable 3m vertical dipole (see my review on latest links) but what struck me was how peaceful and qite it was up there - not just the surrounding area, but the radio was without noise, QRM PLT static - I guess it is so much part of our daily lives now that it really hits home when you are portable and using battery power and nothing to plug in.

The only noise in the vicinity was from the bird life.  I am also a birder, so that was very acceptable to me.  The ground up there is very good for Grouse - and indeed Red Grouse were seen.  I also had the evocative call of Curlew - clearly nesting in the vicinity and the haunting call of Golden Plover the smae.  Added to that the odd Meadow Pipit and it was a case of who needs Springwatch! 

I've never thought about this combining of hobbies before, and as a third hobby is photography it would be quite easy to tie three pastimes together.  The danger there though would be me wandering off looking for birds while the radio stay quiet.  Hmm rething required.

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