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All Change!

Posted on April 11, 2010 at 7:43 AM

Have recently begun and overhaul of the shack.  Even having a full room is just too little space!  I have already started spreading into other rooms, so now, and inventory check is required! - it may even result in some of the gear being boxed and put into storage as quite simply there is insufficient time and space for everything.

This way I get to rotate radios.  Meaning one is put away to make way for another - means I can continue my policy of collectiong radios and not having to sell.  I also find I have 1 45A PSU and 4x 20A+ PSU's which are not sufficient to run all my radios, let alone antennas & feeds.

Plan is a more structured approach might even see some of the stuff being used instead of the "kid-in-a-sweetie-shop" approach which is all well and good within reason.

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