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My background in retail sales ended in May of 1994 as I was hired as a Uniformed Court Officer (thanks to my Dad for pushing me to go for the job). I began in Queens Criminal Court getting my first taste of Criminal Procedure Law. I then Promoted in 1995 to Senior Court Officer within the Criminal Term of Supreme Court, NY County. It is here I had my experiences in dealing with Jurors and Felony Trials. In 1997, I promoted to Senior Court Clerk working in a busy All Purpose Part within 100 Centre Street. In Jan. 2000, I transferred to the District Court of Suffolk County. It was here that I was introduced to Civil Practice. In addition to the ever popular Summons, Complaint and Judgment, I learned Landlord and Tenant practice which operates quite different from most other litigation. In November 2003, I sat for the Associate Court Clerk exam and ranked number 30 statewide out of 1106 total applicants. It was not long before I was hired by the Supreme Court of Suffolk County to work within the Integrated Domestic Violence Part. The IDV part functions as a Criminal Court, as a Family Court and a Supreme Court for Matrimonial actions. To be a clerk in this part you need to understand all these areas of law. I have spent many years working in the Guardianship Department of the Suffolk County Supreme Court handling MHL Article 81 proceedings, and most recently was appointed as the courts Fiduciary Clerk handling all the courts judicial appointments. You can say I'm pretty well rounded, but who can't afford to lose a few pounds....LOL  




In the beginning...100% of students hired as SCC

In the months prior to the SCC exam in May 2004 I sat with several co-workers preparing them to score well on their upcoming test. Our results were outstanding with everyone passing with a score of 81 or higher, four of which with a 90 or higher.  With years still left on the certified list they had all been hired as Senior Court Clerks.  This has made a huge difference in their lives allowing them to buy new cars and even going from renting to home ownership. You could be next!



"I had heard about Leon Adler from all the people who had worked with him before I actually met him.  All the people who Leon helped study for the Clerk One test passed, and have since been promoted.  Six out of eight scored 88 or higher; two in the top 25 on the list.   Leon makes material that puts most people to sleep, bearable.  He breaks legalese language down into something more palatable.  He will help you stay motivated"     T. Gaffney


"Leon's classes are interesting, informative and fun.  He turns a rather dry subject into something memorable....so how can you lose?"     Pat Andronica


"My name is Jeff Nagle and I am a Senior Court Clerk in Suffolk County.  I recently attended a prep class given by Leon Adler in preparation for the Associate Court Clerk exam.  In my 14 1/2 years in the Court System I have taken many promotional exams and also many pretest prep classes.  Leon Adler's class for me was my best experience to date.  Leon has a knack for taking material which I consider extremely dull, boring and complex and making it interesting and understandable.  Leon was passionate about helping his students succeed which in turn inspired me to do as well as I possibly could.  I would highly recommend Leon's class to anyone who plans on taking any of the Clerk Series exams"


"Words are unnecessary to describe Leon's study groups, TEST GRADES say it all!  His class isn't just the dry material, it's about the motivation and attitude you need to succeed  which is why I studied with him a 2nd time around - this time for the Associate Court Clerk."
                                                                                                        Patti Lorenzo
                                                                                                       Senior Court Clerk
"Leon Adler is an amazing teacher. Not only does he go into details about what the article is about but he will put it into the most simplest terms to help you understand. All of the helpful acronyms, charts and study hints helps to remember a lot of information. For someone who has trouble remembering what they read, he really helps to put things into perspective. As part of his first graduating class, I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without his help."
                                                                                               Thanks ~Katrina Trotta

"Leon Adler's  Senior Court Clerk's class enabled me to do well on the exam. Leon has the knowledge and the ability to prepare you for the exam." 
                                                                                        Fran V.  Senior Court Clerk 
    I hope that everyone who is interested in becoming a clerk considers taking your classes. You were such a terrific motivator. You made the class feel like a team, encouraging us all to help one another. Your tips for remembering certain facts were great. You were always available when we had questions, and if you didn't know the answer, you went out of your way to find it out for us.
You incorporated current media court cases, situations you yourself experienced in the courtroom and procedures we do in the courts ourselves to help us understand the articles we were studying. Yours was the only class I attended and along with a CD study program, is all that I used to prepare for the exam."   
                                                                                            Nancy Sheehan
 "On Jan of 2004 Leon organized a class for the Clerk One test at lunch time at Ronkonkoma Court. As English is my second language, I thought it would be very difficult for me to pass.  Some of my co-workers tried to convince me to take the class, but I was undecided.  One day Leon told me that anyone could be a Clerk (I was very nervous about being one!).  He told me that I just had to believe in myself.  Now, here I am a Clerk in Brooklyn Civil Court. Everyone that attend Leon's class passed the exam."        Jeanne Querbach   
" Leon was a great help studying for the Senior Court Clerk Exam. He provided instruction, motivation and enthusiasm to our group. He helped us gain a positive outlook on an intimidating task, and his sense of humor made studying almost fun. In our first class he promised vacations and a new car. The car is good, and the vacation was great! Thank you for all of your help."         Christina Eldert - Senior Court Clerk
 "I found this class to be the most well rounded class. The motivational talks really helped me get through the tough times and push forward- the instruction was clear & concise and absolutely comprehensible - Thanks Leon for all  of your effort and hard work - It was a great experience. I recommend this class highly to all that want to pass this exam. I am very glad I had the opportunity  to be part of this wonderful class- Thanks a million Leon"         Alice Distefano - Futureclerk class 2008 
"Thank God for Leon, without his motivation I would have been asleep on my books!"
                  Mary K. Attisano - Futureclerk class 2008
"I don't think I could have gone through this process without Leon. His methods of teaching make difficult material easier to understand. He made me see that this is a goal I can achieve and because of him I am able to go into that test feeling well - prepared and confident. Thank you Leon for all your words of wisdom and support!!                Jacqueline Lewis - Futureclerk class 2008
"Even though it was tough getting up early Leon made this class interesting & fun. When you get crazy w/studying Leon calms you down and pushes you to go further even when you feel you have nothing more to give, the motivation was great. Class was great & I can't wait to see how great I'm going to do"    
                                                                                Futureclerk - Melissa Tucci  2008 
" I have learned more than I ever could have imagined. The class gave me confidence and the tools I needed to prepare for a test I thought was impossible. I'm ready!            
Wendy Walsh - Futureclerk class 2008              



"Before the test, I thought your class was great. Now after taking the test I can say your class was phenomenal!  You covered everything on that test”

Barbara Luger-Class of 2016



“You and your notes were my guide through all this!  I can't even imagine the amount of time you put into developing the class notes and making it presentable for others. Really amazing.  THANK YOU Leon!!!”

-Jessica Reed - 2016



"Thank YOU Leon ! Without your help and the sacrifices you've made to allow us to have the BEST learning environment, we couldn't  have made it. I am grateful to have met you and experienced your teaching methods. I have highly recommended your class to anyone that would listen and will continue to do so. You actually make all the mumbo jumbo make sense!"
Sincerely ,
Sr. Court Clerk Donna Ryall - 2016





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