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“Perfecting The Art of Strength and Conditioning”



CPE was founded (2008) to provide group and individual customized strength and conditioning programs for athletes of all sports, ages, skill levels. CPE applies a multi-faceted methodology that generates results. Education and research are the cornerstones of CPE’s multi-faceted methodology. At CPE we believe intensity, accountability and consistency are important aspects that needs to be considered to be a successful efficient athlete.



Remove any barriers and clear the path for athletes to attain their optimal performance potential.



To become the most respected and widely recognized strength and conditioning facility.



In pursuit, the Performance Enhancement Specialist will adhere to these core values.

  • Help individuals achieve their respective performance goals by using only research based methods. Only scientific research and practice will drive the creation of systems and programs that CPE staff applies daily with its clients.
  • Design performance program that develop the individuals mind, body and spirit safely and ethically.
  • Create continual excellence in performance by means of making sure all individuals can train successfully on their own.

Services offered at CPE

  • Individual Training Sessions: one on one customized sessions emphasizing individual wants and needs
  • Team Training Sessions: team consist of same sport athletes or same organization (can be conducted at specified school, gym, practice field)
  • Small Group Training Sessions: friends or teammates participating in class together

Expectations from the CPE Training Programs (3 T’s)

  • Test: In-depth evaluation to establish current performance level
  • Teach = Train: Implementation of personalized strength and conditioning programs
  • Track: Continuous reassessment to measure progress and improvement.


  • Intensity: Train smarter, not harder.
  • Accountability: Make a commitment to our program and see results.
  • Consistency: If its important, do it everyday.