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Go Radio Interview

Where did you come up with that name?

Go Radio
The band name Go Radio comes from us all being musicians of over 8+ years and we all feel that we were ment for more than just being an indie band and we wanted to take whatever we didn't next to the top, we want to go radio with it.

Who are the members name age and role

Go Radio
Jason Lancaster - Singer/Guitar
Patrick Hosey - Guitar
Matt Burns - Bass
Steven Kopacz - Drums

When and How did the band form?

Go Radio
In june of 2007 Jason contacted good friend Matt while he was on a job in Montana. Jason told him the situation with his former band Mayday Parade but still wanted to do music, but this time we want to do it with the right people. Shortly after that he contacted Patrick and Steven from previous band Don't Die Cindy to see if they wanted to participate in the new band. From then on we haven't looked back.

What genre do you classify yourselves as?

Go Radio
We consider our selfs a Rock/Pop band.

How long have the members been playing?

Go Radio
Jason has been playing for
Matt has been playing for
Patrick has been playing for
Steven has been playing for 9 years

Where is the band located?

Go Radio
Tallahassee, FL

What is it like being located there?

Go Radio
We all love it. Its a great place with great friends.

what is the Music scene like?

Go Radio
Its better than most, but it is one town know for being extremely brutal. People here either like you or hate you, because of it being such a big music town with so much to choose from. So if you can make it in Tallahassee, you can make it anywhere.

What does the Content of your music revolve around?

Go Radio
Everyday life.

What is the best song written by this band?

Go Radio
at this time is would have to be "Ready or Not"

What is your favorite song you have performed/sang of your own? of another bands?

Go Radio
our favorite song to perform would have to be "Forever my father" because of the emotion that is in it. But for other songs, right now we enjoy playing The Office theme song for sound check.

What would you say your fan base is?

Go Radio
Its getting there. For a band that has only be around for 5 months, i would say we've had a great response from everyone.

If you all were not a musicain what would you be?

Go Radio
Its hard to say, I think we all feel we were made to be musicians.

What is the one song that you have always liked/always sing to?

Go Radio Personally it would have to be any song by "the get up kids" album, "something to write home about"

If you would play a show anywhere in the world,where would it be?

Go Radio wow, im not sure, there are so many places we have yet to travel too, but if had to choose.. i would say Moscow, Russia.

Does having family and friend support really help in being a musician?

Go RadioVery much, non of us could probally be musicians without loving family that supported us. We are all lucky enough to have that.

What would you say is your weridist fan story?

Go Radio
We haven't had many, but there was a kid in NY that messaged us about how he got pulled over. The cop was sitting there, talking to him about why he was speeding and before he left... he asks, "who is that in your cd player" and he told the cop "Go Radio". the cop gave a shrug and said "Yeah, my daughter has been listening to them a lot". Then let him go on a warning.

How many shows have you all played?

Go Radio
We have played only 15 shows so far with many more to come.

Any shows planned for the future.

Go Radio
tons, we are working on getting recording done right now, but once we are finished with that we will hopefully be hitting the road.

What are some of the bands you have performed with before

Go Radio
We've played with The Bravery, Anberlin, We The Kings, Metro Station, De Nova Dahl, Look Mexico, and Just Surrender

Check Them Out At http://www.myspace.com/wearegoradio  

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