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   Nestled in the Endless Mountains of North East Pennsylvania are 28 glorious acres that we now call home.  Formerly known as the Bennett Farm, we are the first non-Bennett family members to be the stewards of this land.  We treasure and enjoy every tree, rock, spring and animal that shares the space here.
Thank you to the Bennett family for entrusting us with this rich land of opportunity. We look forward to many happy years here growing and expanding our farm.

A glorious fall day on the farm.

The Funny Farm
John and Kerry Foose
2479 Bennett Road
Hop Bottom, PA 18824

Have a Happy Day !



abandoned since 2002

     This land had been occupied since 1843.  The land has seen many uses over the years from cows to hens to a stone quarry.  It was also said to have been the towns local blacksmith shop. (By the way we still find some great old steel forged horse shoes!) The land has an interesting topography...(lay of the land).  You see we have some rather nice flat pasture land, a spring fed marshy area leading up to the rocky mountain high stone quarry within the woodlot. We even have a really cool spring fed artisan type well!
By the way, our mighty oak is said to be about 100 years old!

Changes - changes!  The house was abandoned for many years prior to our purchase in March of 2006.  So let the adventure begin!  The furnace did'nt run, the water pipes had frozen and burst, not a stitch of insulation or weatherization was to be found! We did'nt care, we moved right in despite the snow and ice and cold!!

We have had our share of trials and challenges just in the first few days and weeks of owning this place!

There had not been any livestock on this place in better than thirty years, so we had to pound more than 300 locust posts to keep our stock in....this was a REALLY  fun job!   NOT!


The first of many more additions to our cute little barn yard.   
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