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Welcome to the Black Devils


This site is dedicated to the veterans (past and present) of the  First Special Service Force 1942- 44


Thank for your interest in the First Special Service Force Living History Group UK.


The FSSF LHG (UK  Section) consists of  members who have in common an interest in WW2 history and the desire to accurately portray the First Special Service Force in both it's appearance and itís spirit, therefore we dress and act accordingly. The Force was a unique unit, and doing a complete impression of such a unit requires great dedication, and although we  have a relaxed and generous nature, only serious people who are committed will ultimately be accepted into the First Special Service Force Living History Group UK.

The kind of events we take part in are:

Living history displays, where items of kit and equipment are displayed for the publicís education and enjoyment .

Regular, two monthly meetings, where all members present have a democratic input into the running and progress of the Group.

Take part in private tacticals, simulating combat and living history, using real weapons, and firing blank ammunition (this is our chance to experience simulated combat with the added bonus of not being killed or killing for real.

 At public and private events, we take a very relaxed and friendly attitude, however, we always bear in mind that we are wearing a military uniform and all eyes are upon us, therefore we adopt the military code of conduct. REAL soldiers follow orders. The same holds true of FSSF LHG UK!  We cannot accurately recreate the structure of a military unit without the impression of a realistic chain of command, however hollow that may be, and you never know when or if an FSSF veteran  will appear, believe it! It can happen!!.

The FSSF was somewhat unique and innovative in itís style of uniforms,  so we dress and act with integrity. Genuine and reproduction uniforms and field gear are as near perfect as we can get, however, no modern, anachronistic material is permitted! The public eye is upon us (and members of other groups), and they certainly do pick up on any shortcomings or imperfections, so you won't find bags of crisps, noserings, goatees, or mobile phones!  All our foodstuffs are disguised in rations style wrappers and boxes. We have put a lot of reasearch into FSSF uniforms, and insignia, and we wear our uniforms in a 1940's style.              




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