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This site is designed to help other's achieve their goals. 
Some goals we focus on are:
-Frugal Living
-Simple Living and Environmentalism
Come on in, read our articles, post your thoughts, check out our links, and just make yourself at home.
Our goal is to get a homestead within a few years and live 100% off grid.

Extra Money

Among the many money saving tips you will find on this site, I have found a few sites over the years that are legitamite and offer rewards you can get fromyour computer. These have been check out, none require you to pay anything, and we all know a few extra dollars can go a long way.

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The environment

I would like to live off grid within a few years.  We finally have a few chickens and a garden. 

Here are some off grid / environment links....

 No Impact Man

...SweatShop Watch ...Welcome to Sweatshop Watch!

Curb Your Consumerism (News) Elizabeth Ryan

National Priorities Project - Cost of War

 72 Hour Check List

The Solar Cooking Archive

Chest fridge


The Environment

Since everything we do effects the environment, I found a great online quiz to tell us the impact our lifes have on the earth:

Earth Day Footprint Quiz

Some other links about consumerism:

Curb Your Consumerism (News) Elizabeth Create a free personalized holiday gift certificateRyan

Being Prepared for an Emergency

Lately I have become more focused on making sure my home and family are ready for an emergency.  Not an "end of the world" type thing, but an emergency such as bad weather where we would lose power and water for a few weeks.
My 3 goals of preparedness are:  Water, food and heat.
Some links:
 Candle Stove
 Self Sufficiency. Food storage & survival supplies
 Frugal Disaster Preparedness

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