From One Heart

Re-introducing Our Hearts as One


"If you would simply think deeply,  on the things you've loved most about life...

on the things you've loved most about yourself...

and of the main challenges you've faced,  whether behind you or in the moment...

you will then know in an instant,

beyond a shadow of a doubt, exactly...

 "why you are here."


Welcome to "One Heart"

The inspiration for this site, is quite simply;  Reaching out to aide humanity as a whole, one person at a time.  As you take a  moment to browse through the site, you will see I have linked to other sites who have much integrity and wisdom to offer.   

There are such a cumulation of beliefs in the world today, but I believe there is one truth that can not be argued;

We come from one source, call it God, The Universe, The Buddha...  apply any name it is the same.

"that from which we originated".

That "Source" from where we originated, works in this way....  Let's have an internal "as if" dialog shall we....  Here is an example using the idea of keeping a journal to put our thoughts down.


Dear God,

            You wouldn't believe the day I had!  Oh My God!  I've had it!  I woke up this morning, went straight in to wake them up (after hitting the snooze button a few times) the kids gave me the worst time this morning for school!  I'm so tired of fighting with them, they just don't listen.   After finally getting them to school, I came home expected to relax a bit before getting the housework done, which was nixed, when the toilet overflowed!   I am so tired!  I need your help!  I can't take the stress.   I tried to call and talk to my husband at work, frantic!  I'm so mad!   I can't believe this!  And do you know he just yelled at me, said that he was busy and couldn't deal with it... He hung up the phone on me can you believe it!!   Now I've got all this laundry to do!   I hate my life. 

Please give me peace, give me patience, and make these kids act right!



We've all had this sort of day to some degree or another, agree?   And yes, life does throw some gargantuan spit wads at us from time to time.     But just for a minute.... Let's observe the alternative to this ....

Dear God,

Wow! What a day!  I woke up this morning, and gave myself a little time before I had to get the kids up for school.   The house was so peaceful and quiet...  I love the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning.   When I looked out the window the sun was just rising above the tree's, snow glistening on the ground, did you see me smile?   Today is the beginning of a brand new day... I choose to embrace it.   I sat and sipped my coffee, watching the sun rise with you today... but it wasn't just with you, it was coffee with that inner part of me, enjoying that peace, that quiet before the day started, .. letting it take hold, remembering and revisiting the beauty around me before the hustle and bustle of the morning.   It became a part of me today and wow! The morning was great!

I walked in my son's room and before turning on the light, I sat on his bed, gently rubbing his head, "Good Morning.... time to get up..." I said in a gentle voice...   And just sat for a brief bit, remembering... this 12 year old boy - I am so blessed.    Next I went in to wake my daughter, who was playing asleep.  This seems to be her favorite game... so I brushed her hair from her face.... and called her name.   When I realized she was "faking" sleep, I began to gently lift her eyelid... "wake up" "wake up" with each lift of her eyelid.

After that, it was so heart warming.  My son came in, playfully helping get his sister out of bed, which then woke my youngest daughter who thought it was the funniest thing EVER!   After the kids had left for school, there was a problem with the toilet.  No problem, stay calm right??  Turned off the water at the main, tossed down some towels, and plunged the block free.  There is a little bit of laundry now, after all the towels to sop up the water, but it didn't leak through into the basement or into the carpet in the hallway.   It could have been so much worse.

I am so grateful for this peace, for this patience, and for this wonderful morning with my children.

Often times we let our emotions lead us.  All, and I repeat ALL of us are guilty of this to some degree.   Not that letting our emotions guide us is necessarily a bad thing, but... when they rule us we often find our lives to be hectic and consuming.  The Universe works as a mirror of sorts.  What you put out, you will receive back.  That reflection can show in all areas of our life, from our finances, to our love life.  Health to Friendships.

Take a little time to pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day.  How you react to people, even more importantly, what you feel and don't say.   Every action beings with "the thought".  Take a little step back and watch the life around you...  what signals or "requests" are you sending out to be fulfilled?

We are too often forgetting our oneness and the very real, law of attraction.

How does oneness have anything to do with our emotions?  The world when ruled by emotion, now revolves around us. We stop considering how our actions affect those around us.   How can we?  We are too involved in passing out our 'yuck' to be concerned with anything or anyone else.  Something as simple as waking up late... or the kids not wanting to get out of bed in the morning can be enough to set us into a whirlwind of  a day.  

We toss out our intention for the day, from the minute we open our eyes.   Back to the original, we wake up, "Ughhhhhhh I'm so tired!" Grumpy, angry, bitter.  Generally those thoughts are leftovers from the bad day prior.  

We are continuing a very negative and destructive pattern that has been perfected without really thinking about the pattern and it's control over our lives.    Leading with our emotions, we state the course our day will take." I AM SO TIRED!"   Attached to that thought or comment are feelings.   Granted, we may be genuinely tired, but being tired shouldn't have the attachment of anger, and the attitude that everyone else is going to have a bad day too.  And so the ripple goes... from you, to your spouse or significant other, to your children, to their students at school, to the teacher, to the teachers family, and on and on.  

Who knows how far that ripple will continue?   Are you prepared to accept responsibility for this?   Your thought and emotion, created in action.  

Are you a person of self control?   Or a person who is controlled?

We have all forgotten our oneness and interconnectedness with the world and ALL of it's inhabitants.   We use terms like, African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Racial Slurs, Caucasian, Wealthy, Poor, Fortunate, Unfortunate... shall I continue?  We use terms and labels to create a separation that not only divides the ones we say we love most immediately involved in our lives, but the human race.  We create a pulpit attitude of "better than", "less than", deserving or undeserving with ourselves as individuals on our own personal journey. 

This is my hope, this is my purpose, to be available, educated, and solid within my own presence to not only remind each of us of our capability, but to heal. 

It only takes one to break the cycle of dysfunction, abuse, and pain.

Have the courage to be change!  The life you save could be your own.

Love, Light and Blessings,



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