Not just an author of urban thrillers!


Though none of these stories is in a genre I usually gravitate to, each one held me strongly with Karinas powerful, spare and technicoloured writing. Her take on the theme of vampires had me both gripping the table with my fingertips and simultaneously laughing. The romance between the lost heiress and her noble rescuer was pure Malory. The vision of the terrors of the clown or of the ring which caught unwary souls, all show Karina's ability to weave dreams and nightmares with a vividness which is like a shock of cold water on a hot morning. C. Farington: UK

After reading IN TIMES OF VIOLENCE, I knew this new collection of stories would be a good buy. She maintains her fast-paced style throughout, and demonstrates her talent and versatility in various genres. Reynolds: U.S.A

I loved this book! It's a quick read with so many amazing short stories! Each one could be expanded into it's own novel! They get you thinking! Some have clever endings, some are emotional, some are classic plotlines-never a dull moment here! You will really enjoy each one. Katey USA

If you are after a collection of short stories, that take only a moment to read but keep you thinking for a long while after, then this is the book for you. 

One of the things I love about this book, is that each tale is like a sudden blast of energy. Each quick tale is like the best scene out of a film, of the climax to a powerful piece of music. Snappy, and straight to the point. 

Whether the tales are about the battle between good and evil, of the end of the earth, there is something in this book for everyone. S.Tierney UK