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Who is Karina Kantas?

Voted in the top ten of female authors of biker fiction.


She has over thirty pieces of work published in journals and E-zines. 

Published work includes, short stories/flash fiction/poetry/book reviews/film reviews and articles.

Karina writes in the genres of urban thriller, fantasy, science fiction, horror, romance, and suspense, just to name a few.

Web mistress of Urban Novels, the exciting website dedicated to the urban genre. 

What makes her special?

As well as a writer of most genres, Karina also writes urban thrillers / motorcycle fiction. 

Stories that you have always wanted to read, but could never find. Stories that describe the violent lifestyle of street gangs, vigilantes, and biker gangs. But her characters are not just outlaws. They are brothers and sisters, in name, in blood.

Her latest novel, Huntress is about respect, revenge and love. 

The characters are tough, mean and violent but thereís another side to these stories; the warmth and love each member has for their brother/sister. Itís not just about the excitement and violence, itís also about the respect, love and feeling of belonging. Against your better judgement youíll find yourself liking and even caring about these tough characters.

Most of the characters in her urban thrillers are trying to find themselves. They donít fit in; never felt they belonged. Theyíre searching for something.

"Life is exciting, itís about new experiences, whether good or bad. Itís an ugly world we live in and unfortunately, violence plays a huge part. I donít think I stretch the truth. I tell it how it is. .

"I write about life.  How it was, how it is."

Have you ever wanted to be an rebel?  Now's your chance.  Get caught up in the frightening experiences as her characters live the life they have always dreamed, and feared. 



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