About Friendsloft

Welcome to my site Friendsloft Racing Pigeons.On here i will show you photos of my racing team, stock birds,as well as any other photo i think you should see.I am a small team back garden flyer, the clubs i race in are  Earlstown F,C Est 1895 which is with  the two counties combine  ,  the North West Grand National, North West Classic Club.I Have been the secretary of Earlestown since 2010 and a delegate to the two counties combine since 2010, i also fly in the Mid Cheshire Federation of which i am aslo a delegate too. I am also the clock setter along with my good friend Bill Brown of Ashton 2 bird Club   The birds i keep are:-

                                              HYBRECTS From Oakvilla stud Widnes

                                             SOONJTENS  From P.G.W stud St Helens & Hungerford

                                            MELDERTS From P G W Stud St Helens

                                            GABY VANDENBEELE From P.G.W stud St Helens &  Hungerford

                                             RBSMITHS     From Racing Lofts  Of R & B Smiths Of Burtonwood 

Race results 2007

                                  4 x 1st   2 x 2nd  2 x 3rd  1 x 4th club

                                  2 x 1st 1 x 3rd  2 x 4th  1 x 8th  1 x 15th Federation

                                  1 x 3rd  1 x 4th  two counties combine

Racing Lofts

2007 season

2008 Season

Results for 2008 season


3 x 1st   4 x 2nd   3 x 3rd    4 x 4th   3 x 5th  2 x 6th


1 x 1st  1 x 4th  1 x 6th  1 x 16th  1 x 19th

2010 Season

3 x 1st 2 x 2nd 4 x 3rd 4 x 4th club racing

2012 Season

3 x 1st  1 x 2nd  1 x 3rd 2 x 4th 2 x 5th 1 x6th  3 x 7th 2 x 8th 3 x 9th 4 x 10th Club  average 200 birds

1 x 1st 3 x 3rd 1 x 5th 1 x 7th 1 x 9th 1 x 14th 1 x 18th 1 x 21st 1 x 24th 1x 25th 1 x 26th 1 x28th  Two Counties Combine average 1500 birds