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Empathy, respect and tolerance must be instilled in our children beginning at an early age.  Empathy is defined as the ability to put yourself into the spirit and feelings of others and in so doing you become able to show consideration  and regard for what is sacred to them.  This allows you to accept and even appreciate the ethnicity, culture and religious symbols of other groups without holding the same beliefs yourself.  Failure to listen and observe the importance of these things  results in racism, hatred and finally open violence against  those who do not share your beliefs and practices.  The issues and acts of violence that we read about in our daily newspapers provide many and various examples of such discrimination.

  When the links in the chain that unites us starts to corrode and erode because of our intolerance to others, the result is the collapse of our system and the creation of dysfunctional pockets of people all over the world. The current situation in Iraq is a real example of violent conflict brought about by extreme hatred and disrespect for the values and religious symbols held sacred by others.  Respect and appreciation for the diversity of all groups  must be taught  at a very young age if we expect to eliminate the problem.  There must be great changes in our belief systems if we are to see and love the person for himself. 

We must help children realize that violence is only perpetuated through the self destructive acts of anger and revenge. 



Someone once said, "EVERYTHING ELSE YOU GROW OUT OF BUT YOU NEVER RECOVER FROM CHILDHOOD."  It is important  for all teachers, parents and communities to work together to protect  children who are being subjected to any form of bullying  from being scarred for life or causing a fatality to themselves or others.

Illustrations by Craig Roberts

The illustrations you see on the marquee were done by Craig Roberts, a very talented animator.  Craig and my niece Peggy live in Vancouver and are now the lucky parents of two beautiful children, Molly and Finnigan.


Were you ever bullied as an adult? A child? Maybe you or your child is being bullied right now. I think we have all had some experiences with this issue. Remember the hurt, the pain, the embarrassment, or the humiliation that was suffered? If you recall this, then By Golly, Molly, You’re Right is a must for you or your child to read.

When Molly entered daycare she was a happy, outgoing little girl. Her experiences here turned her into a withdrawn, fearful little girl who became a target for bullies. As the years passed Molly’s shyness and fears attracted taunting, teasing and, on occasion, even physical attacks by other children.

Molly moved to a new town and a new school when she was in grade five. Molly thought this might give her a fresh start but the first morning in the playground her worst fears were realized when she came face to face with Jessica. Jessica took very little time to zero in on Molly’s vulnerabilities and encourage others to reject her before they got to know the real Molly. Molly’s self-esteem was being crushed.

Molly knew that this time she had to find a solution to her dilemma if she were to ever bring back the Molly who was left behind in daycare. You will be amazed at Molly’s solution when you read this story.


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Illustrations for By Golly, Molly, You're Right

Does my fear
Create the monsters
That I see?
Or do the monsters
Create the fear
Inside of me?

Did you see the girl
In the corner cry?
Did you feel her pain?
Did you know she's shy?
Did you comfort her?
Did you find out why?

"What's your problem? Cat got your tongue? Maybe a dummy just moved in! Well, aren't you going to answer?"

"What would you know, Four Eyes?" Jessica sniped, in a voice meant only for Paul.

"Are these your cats, mister?" said Molly shyly.
"They belong to all of us. They are homeless," the old man said sadly.

Don't let the bullies
Bully you!
Take them to task, And when you are through,
Put up a sign
For the world to see,
"There's no one better
Than you or me."


Bullying goes on all around us, yet very few people speak out against it unless they are directly involved. All of us share a responsibility... regardless of whether we are victims or witnesses to bullying. As educators, we remind students constantly of the importance of treating others as they would like to be treated. There is an important message in "By Golly, Molly, You're Right" - that it's important to stand up for yourself and report bullying behaviour when you see it. The solution to Molly's problem began with her decision to write a letter to her teacher. There are programs in place to prevent bullying, but they only work if the offenders are reported and the adults in charge are made aware of the situation. Every student deserves to feel safe at school - and it's nice to see this message in books such as "By Golly, Molly, You're Right" and "Benny the Bullybeastie Book". I commend Roberta Dupont for her initiative in reaching young people in a very creative way.

Anne-Marie Currier
Principal, Emily Carr Middle School


Name: Barbara Moore

E_Mail: barbara_

Date: Aug19 19:46:43 CDT 2006

Roberta's two books on bullying are wonderful teaching tools for teacher's at primary and junior levels.  Both books appeal to a child's need for fair treatment and justice, especially for the child who is being bullied, desperate for help and understanding.  Each book engages the child who is afraid to help in a bullying situation, and also should lead the actual bully to recognize the seriousness of his or her actions.

Roberta's poetry ranges from the whimsical to dark humour and I think it is worthy of separate publication----always entertaining and often evoking childhood memories we can all relate to.  Keep the poetry coming!!

Barbara Moore

Retired Classroom Teacher--Middle School


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