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Welcome to the Dore Lake page...Dore Lake is a tiny hamlet(village) in Northwestern Saskatchewan.  It is an end of the road community, just north(northwest slightly) of the town of Big River.  Dore Lake is a gateway to seemingly endless expanses of
pristine wilderness boreal forest.

Dore Lake, is over 500 square miles, and looking out over the lake from the shore, is like gazing out at the ocean at some points!  The community has only a handful of year round residents, maybe 50 at the moment.  The only other nearby settlements are the hamlet of Sled Lake, equally a tiny community; and an outdoor's adventure lodge at Beaupre Creek, and another lodge at Smoothstone Lake.  Beauval though not far in overland proximity to Dore Lake, is only accessible by wilderness trail from the north (unsettled/undeveloped) end of Dore Lake; as there is no direct route from Dore to Beauval, despite its close proximity overland-wise.  Below is a link to a map online, situating Dore Lake:

Dore Lake is a place that evokes nostalgic feelings of my home/home province of British Columbia inside...because of the expanses of boreal forest that surround Dore Lake hamlet.  It, like the other northern places I've loved, is a serene place for me...a quiet and beautiful place where when there I feel relaxed, connected to myself...A place where one can, amidst the peace and calmness of the north country, contemplate things deep within the heart...or just centre oneself away from all the hustle & bustle.
But Dore apart from its more spiritually uplifting atmosphere, also has a great deal of physical attributes that, together combined, create that ambience.
So here are some facts about Dore Lake, northwestern Saskatchewan, Canada:
Dore is home to a RAN/Saskatchewan Representative Area Network Site(Caribou Flats) and not far away is also the Budd Lake RAN site...; as well as home to two island wildlife refuges: Bazill Wildlife Refuge, which is an island located in Dore Lake, about 300 metres west of Smith Island and northwest of South Bay...as well as,Rock Island Wildlife Refuge which is all of Rock Island located in Dore Lake at:  54o 43' N,
107o 10' W. 
Dore Lake is not only recognized as having some of the most beautiful boreal forest in Saskatchewan, but also as containing a variety of important bird habitat.  Rock Island Wildlife Refuge, designated a wildlife refuge in 1971, is home to one of only two Saskatchewan colonies, of the Caspian Tern, labelled a rare bird worldwide.  Dore Lake's islands are also home to three of only ten provincial colonies of nesting Cormorants, and within the one cormorant colony, is a nesting colony (one of only ten in Saskatchewan) of American White Pelicans. Nesting colonies of Western Grebes are often sighted on South Bay and Smith Bay of Dore Lake. The area also boasts prime habitat for nesting Bald Eagles and Osprey, Great Blue Herons, and a wide variety of forest bird species also.

Pictured Above is a Pelican in South Bay offshore from Dore Lake Lodge, Dore Lake Hamlet.

Above: the white stuff along the shoreline in the distance, is actually a pelican colony...this photo
taken from Tower Beach, JD's Tower Lodge, Dore Lake Saskatchewan.

The hamlet of Dore Lake sits on South Bay, and the public waterfront is a beautiful spot to take in aquatic bird species, the scenic landscape of South Bay generally, as well as blooming marsh plants in summer.  A good number of easy to negotiate/multi-use trails to explore: the boreal forest, the burn area in recovery, creekside habitat, marsh habitat and shoreline of south bay, are readily accessible within the hamlet.
The public waterfront offers free camping/camp kitchen, water building, pit toilets, and a park under further construction currently(Harry Husak Park), with scenic resting areas overlooking the lake.  There is a public dock and boat launch.

Whitewater Crowfoot, a blooming aquatic marshplant photographed at the public waterfront, Dore Lake Hamlet.

Above Natasha and Marysha, and a friend, one of the bear sculptures at the public waterfront/Harry Husak
Park...behind the girls is the west side of South Bay.
*Pictured as the background on this page: the biodiversity and beauty of the trees/shrubs and foliage along
the shorelines of South Bay, taken from dock at Public Waterfront, Dore Lake.

The Caribou Flats RAN site:  the Caribou Flats RAN site is comprised of 8 660 hectares of protected land, on the north end of Dore Lake(ie.boat in access only), and including the islands of North and Charbonneau Bay, excluding Big Island, which is used traditionally still by locals and may folks from the Beauval area.  Stands of mature Black Spruce mixed with Jack Pine are typical on the site, interspersed with less dominant species such as White Spruce, Tamarack, and Trembling Aspen.  Ninety percent of the site's forest is old growth forest, with trees of one hundred years of age or older!  The site also protects what are dubbed world class whitesand beaches, on Dore's northern shores, some of which stretch on for several kilometres...Berry harvesting, exploring/hiking and the like are permitted on the RAN site.  This is prime woodland caribou habitat, and therefore a critical habitat, toward the continued preservation of that species...The islands and shorelines with the tall/old growth trees of the boreal forest, also
provide important nesting habitat for the Bald Eagle, and important habitat for Osprey.

The Dore Lake Terrain: is not usual for the area surrounding the community which is relatively flat terrain.  Dore Mountain and Lookout Point are exceptionally high areas of relief for the region, both sitting at 2000 feet above mean sea level...Dore Mtn. and the associated uplands provide variety for hiking activities, in terms of a range of level of difficulty; and in terms of providing spectacular views, as the photos taken from Lookout Pt, such as the one above, and those I will be posting in the album, demonstrate!

The hamlet of Dore Lake and surrounding settlements, includes a variety of accomodations/stay options...from camping, to lodges and cabin rentals.
Sled Lake has a beautiful campground, with forested sites, situated on the lakeshore.   Sled Lake also has a number of trails to explore.  The overnight fee is $10.00 for a non serviced site.  At Beaupre Creek, camping and cabin rentals are available at LaFleur's Outdoor Adventure Camp...this is situated at Beaupre Creek and Lake, and they offer a variety of year round activity and stay packages...I would enquire on this as there's been some changes for LaFleur's in past while, but they did have snowmobiles, canoes and various other activities and equipment available...including wild mushroom picking excursions, wild rice tours, and trapping and cultural activity packages...There is free camping at serene Shirley Lake, which is a beautiful little lake, is stocked with Rainbow Trout, and a very secluded camping experience.
Dore Lake has free camping as noted at the Public Waterfront, or at Michel Pt. for those who favour forested sites(Michel is not maintained though, and is very much pack out what you pack in now) but, is located right on the lakeshore, walk out of your site, to the sandy beach. Michel Pt. does have very nice trails that follow the lakeshore, near the entrance to the subdivision there, and an outdoor payphone.  Michel Lodge, a nicely maintained outfit, offers year round accomodations, various activity and stay packages, and marine rentals...walk out the cabin door onto the sandy beach type lodgings. Tower Lodge enroute to Michel Pt, on Dore Lake, has serviced and unserviced wooded sites, and a beautiful beach/cove with swimming area...there are trails around Tower Beach, and the Tower trail is nearby also...Tower Lodge(and Tower Outfitting) offers cabin rentals as well.  This is my favourite spot on the
lake for swimming or relaxing on the beach actually.
Dore Lake Lodge located near the Dore airstrip, and in the hamlet/village of Dore Lake, offers serviced RV sites in the woods, and cabin rentals, including stay and fish or stay and hunt packages...they have an outdoor payphone, and a store/coffee shop there; and also rent marine rentals and sell auto and marine fuel.  Dore Lake Lodge is situated on the lakeshore of South Bay, and is open until early December I believe!
There additionally is, Mercer Outfitting, a nice looking place, in Sled Lake, as well as another outfitter's (just recently changed ownership so will check on the name) right in Dore Lake hamlet...
Things to see and do:
Besides the inevitable aquatic activities...one can really hike the wilderness if they have mind to, as there are trails leading for example from Dore, to Sled Lake's north shore, from Dore's northern shore to Lac La Plong/Beauval, and from Dore to Smoothstone Lake...this among numerous local trails to explore in and around the hamlet of Dore Lake.  The burn area in regeneration now, is a neat place to explore, and in spring, spawning can be viewed roadside, in Dore hamlet, at the creek...During spring break up, the ice berms push to shore with great force and some are about 7 feet in height, which is somewhat of a sight!  The northern lights/auroraborealis are visible up there, almost year round; fall transition is a gorgeous buffet of colour, and there are a variety of wildflowers in bloom in summer.  The little log church in the woods is a must see, is such a beautiful place for worship or quiet spiritual reflection...you will note also, if you pay close attention other interesting local architectural styles typical of the north, including a stackwall constructed home, log homes including Alaskan pole style log homes in Sled Lake, and one in Dore that I know of, which the logs are vertically aligned & joined, versus horizontally..., a trapper's shanty/cache on Dock Street, and post and beam construction in Dore...Lafleur's at Beaupre also has tipis...Bird watching/wildlife observation is another activity I love to do when there, and deer are highly visible on the road to Michel Pt and Tower Beach...The most noteable creature we've seen was a wolverine, which you don't see often, even up north...but this fellow was crossing the road in front of us!
Of course, by boat there are twenty six islands to explore, and those whitesand beaches to visit!  There is an abundance also of wild berries, and if you want to do some northern more touristy stuff, Big River is not so far away, or Meadow Lake is an easy drive, and both have a lot to offer visitors!  For more images of Dore Lake and area, please click the link below:
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