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Are you a stay at home mom, college student, teenager, disabled adult, anyone looking for legitimate free ways to earn free money online at home, WITH OUT paying fees?

I was trying desperately to get out of debt so I could stay at home with my girls. I tried all kinds of stuff! I tried selling make-up, candles, insurance, none of that worked for me.

I got scammed lots of times and was very angry that I couldn't find a free way to earn extra money.

I have found some places that work, and I'm going to show you the ones to try first.

I never post anything I haven't tried myself and actually been paid from.


My Top Rated Choice 

There are lots of paid survey sites on the internet, they all claim the same things, they will "pay you to take surveys". Some claim to pay $75 or some ridiculous amount per survey, but the reality of is that they will pay you $75 if you are signing up for something that costs you money, like satellite service, etc.

There is one place online that I have been using for 6 years, that is totally different, they actually help you earn free money online. I have gotten paid each month, on time, without fail. I don't pay them anything, I don't sign up for any paid services. I don't give out my bank or credit card information, they pay me via paper check They also pay by Direct Deposit or Dwolla if you get to Silver level! They have free offers that pay from $.25 & $.50 to over $5.00. You can easily make a couple hundred dollars by doing the free offers.

You only need to reach $20 in earnings to be issued a check, they issue checks once a month. If you don't have $20, your earnings roll over to the following month. You never lose your earnings!

Update: Just announced! Cashcrate is bringing back payments by Paypal!

PayPal payments will be available to Silver+ members who have cashed at least one check.

There are now two simple ways to reach Silver Status:

- Just refer 50 Active Members to CashCrate, or

- Earn $500 or more by doing offers, surveys, watching videos, performing paid searches with the CashCrate Toolbar, Cash Back from Shopping Purchases, Checking In, Contest Winnings, etc.


They also have Daily Surveys that are now open to several countries besides just the USA. If you complete those every day you can earn over $150  every month! This site has OVER 5 million members now! They are paying $1 just to join, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

I have been using the Video tab to make a few extra dollars each check also. Cashcrate adds new ways to earn more money all the time. The "Live" contest is like a live chat with Trivia and prizes, up to $100! (yes someone actually wins every time)

I realize I am giving you a ton of information all at once, and it might seem overwhelming. I can promise you that it's very simple!

Click the banner below to check it out for yourself. You'll get a welcome message after you sign up in your Message box on the site, be sure to read it for tips, or email me for tips for the best approval rates. If you can answer yes/no questions, you can make money with this site:

I have been with this company since November 2006, there is no doubt in my mind that anyone can earn money there. That's why I list it first. You can see my Earnings as they update on this banner.. Just click it to sign up yourself.


 Go to the Photo Gallery to see pictures of some of the checks I have received from Cash Crate (Kingside Media, Cashcrate LLC). One is for over $1600 (that's for 1 month's work). You will see for yourself Cashcrate is not a scam.  

 Still not convinced, check out the :






 This is not a "get rich quick" scheme. As you can see by my Earnings from 2006 to today, it's not going to buy you a vacation house, make you a millionaire or anything like that, but it IS legit online income, that's totally free!


Most offers are only open to US residents but there are more international offers opening up every month, especially for Canada.

The Daily Surveys that you can complete every 24 hours with Cashcrate are as follows:

  • MyThoughtCounts – Pays $0.80 for US residents and is now open to the UK and Canada.
  • Opinion Survey – Pays $0.80 for US and Canada
  • Surveyhead – Pays $0.80, Countries: US, UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France.
  • GiveUsYour2Cents – Pays $0.80, US and Canada.
  • SSI – Pays $0.70, Countries: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • Tickets for Opion - Pays $.50
  • Global Test Market - Pays $.75
  • Samplicious - Pays $.75



Other Options





ONE more for you to think about, Swagbucks pays you for searching the internet, yes, get paid for surfing the internet! It's simple, you earn points that you convert to prizes, it really works, I've gotten 3 iTunes gift cards in very little time.

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Most of the sites listes are Work-at-Home JOBS, I normally dont list a work-at-home BUSINESS

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