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Some of Our Products & Services


Our Portraits always succeeds in bringing out your true beauty.


Polyglass is a portrait framing system that uses a super high gloss finish to add beauty and years of protection o your most cherished photos, it is scratch,heat and moisture resistant, and will not fall and break.

Instant Digital Imaging

Our Digital Photo service is of a very high standard, rivaling the quality of film photography, we have mastered this technology and now offer an instant digital service producing instant digital portraits and all sizes of passport, visa and ID sizes photos in under five minutes.

Wedding Albums Packages

Our Wedding Album Packages offers that professional touch to your most cherished memories.

Video Production

Our Video Taping and Editing service complements our still photography services with our video production of weddings and other events.

DVD Video

Our Digitally Mastered DVD production enables conversion from VHS video cassettes, VCD and other video files. We also have a large collection of African movies on DVD.

Personslise your T-shirt

Our personalised T-shirt printing makes it easy for you to create great gifts your loved ones will cherish for along time.

Digital Photo Printing

Fredco Digi-lab is the premeire digital photo printing service in Linden. The only of its kind in Guyana, offering digital photo printing from camera phones, digital cameras, CDs, DVDs, memory cards, email and more.