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Located at 76 Republic Avenue, Mackenzie Linden, Guyana. (opposite Courts Linden Branch). Fredco Photo Studio was established in February 2001 and has earned the reputation as Linden's # 1 studio providing the best in digital photography.
Now joined by Fredco Digi-lab from December 1st, we are now a force to be reconed with in the digital photography industry.
Opens Mon. to Sat. 8:00am to 9:00pm and extra late on special occasions.

The Man/The Dream

Mr. Norvell Fredericks, The Owner/Manager.
Photography has been my dream since my childhood days, long before girl friends and my other careers goals, but the camera I wanted (Canon AE1 program) was way beyond my reach, So I put my dream aside (and kept it as a hobby) while I trained as an auto mechanic, then a joiner and dabbled in a little craft (Polyglass) and so on before finally taking up photography as a career.
With my background in business from my furniture days I decided to take photography beyond the traditional flatfoot hustle to a more dignified profession.
After five short years I have revolutionised the Linden photo industry and influenced changes nationally.
I now own and operate Linden's #1 photo studio and first ever photo lab-Fredco Digi-lab (utilising state of the art digital technology).

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Tel: 444-2845 or 614-0576 or 661-6311