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 I have been an Amateur Radio Operator since age 15 and my callsign in KB0TTL.  I am a DeVry Graduate with an AA in Electronics Technololgy, as well as an almost completed degree in business administration.  In this site, I will be underlining how a Church, Missionary, or Christian Camp can set up their own low-power or full-power radio station with a minimum of equipment and funds for the furthering of the ministry.  Although laws regarding such activities are quite strict in the United States, many opportunities are available in South American countries and Caribbean Island countries where Radio Regulations are a bit more lax. 

The old 2008 release is being revamped!


This site does not promote or condone any illegal actions here in the United States of America that would be in violation of applicable FCC law regarding unlicensed broadcasting.  We assume no responsibility for information contained on this website  or the use  of such information, nor can we or will we ever support any illegal broadcasting activity within the confines of the United States.  This is NOT a site about "Pirate" radio.  Sometimes it is necessary for a "free" radio station to rise up in the midst of a foreign country (NOT THE UNITED STATES)  where laws expressly prohibit Christian Radio.  We do agree with this type of action even if it is illegal in that country!

A Work In Progress

My book, still a work in progress, should be complete in maybe a year or so.  The book will go into detail on how to construct efficient antennas for FM and AM radio broadcast, as well as transmitter kits and pre-assembled transmitters that are currently on the broadcasting market.  We will delve into how one is to set up studio, and how one may go about obtaining programming.  We will also cover in detail FCC rules part 15 which govern such activities in the United States.  We will go over just how much power a station can have with or without a license, and the range one can expect even under such strict regulation.  We will also cover briefly on FCC procedures to file for a  LPFM (Low-Power FM) Lincense with the FCC (good luck getting it though!).  Once finished, this book will be available for order on this site.  If you've every considered having a Church, Camp, Missiion Village, or Home broadcast station, this book will be for you!

The Ultimate Goal

This site will go into difinitive explanations of almost every aspect of how one would go about this, however, without input from readers like you, this may be much harder than expected.  Eventually, along with completion of this book, I would like to also assist fellow ministries in the setting up of stations when and if they deem it is the right corse of action.  If you or your church has any old audio equipment such as sound boards, mixers, tape and cd decks, or microphones working or not, I would very much appreciate them for the furtherance of this motion that they may either be used for research or even placed inside the very ministries and churches who require them for the purpose of setting up their own radio station.  A tall goal to be sure, but YOU can help!  ALL donations accepted.  For details on where to send equipment, pease e-mail me at  Again, thank you for reading and God Bless.

12/19/2006 update

Times are busy and funds are a bit tight right now, but I am still writing away and doing much research as to some of the new developments which impact Christian Broadcasting here in the United States as well as around the world.  I am currently toying with a few AM transmitter designs that are based off of vacuum tubes and can be constructed simply to provide anywhere from 100mw (FCC part 15 legal limit for unlicensed broadcasting in the United States) up to 1 or 2 watts for use in the foreign field.  I am working on a prototype of a simple AM band transmitter that would fit in this category.  If you have any old tube equipment including ham radio gear, old AM and shortwave recievers, or anything else containing tubes that you would like to donate, please contact me at to make arrangements.  Again thank you and God Bless.  Merry Christmas to all.
6/23/2007 update
Times are still busy but funds have been somewhat aleviated by my new higher-paying job as well as mass Ebay activities to raise the funds for the continuation of this project.  I have also recently become a member of the First Baptist Church of Blue Springs, which is an excellent church which is truly filled with the Spirit.  I have continued my writings and have posted most of the rough draft of the first chapter of my book on this site.  I have also added a blog which I encourage anyone interested to respond to.  You can also see my reviews of even more electronics kits as I have had the time to assemble a few more over the last few months.  Pictures have also been added for most of them.  Enjoy and God Bless.
10/17/2007 update
Please continue to pray for me and my endeavors and for the furthering of my ministry.  It is under-funded and not known widely.  I have been selling stuff on Ebay like crazy, and at times am lucky to merely break even, let alone make a profit.  I just sold an FM Stereo Transmitter / Exiter to a guy the other week and the post office ended up destroying the package and totalling the transmitter.  Thank God for USPS insurance, which I hope and pray kicks in since I don't even have the funds to refund the guy.  Such is life, and honest Ebayers are few and far between.  If you have any other advice (besides getting a second job) for raising some easy money, please let me know.  It is dissappointing to see just how great a success the release of my book IS NOT.  I am tempted to release the first edition for download online free of charge, however, this web host does not support downloads of this magnatude since the size of the word document is over 15MB in size.  I encourage donations of any denomination which can be sent to paypal address  Any contribution of any size would aid me in getting a domain name and would allow me to publish the first edition for free online download.    I'm sure you'll agree it is a splendid book written for the Layman!   Too bad it is too big to E-Mail.  I will be placing it on KazAA or Limewire soon, and if you do download it, please tell me how you liked it.
I was recently on a church retreat to Branson Missouri with IMPACT Ministries of First Baptist Church when I just happened upon a small Christian radio station there in downtown Branson KLFC 88.1 FM.  They basically allowed me to come on in and tour their studio there in downtown Branson.  Of all the studio setups I had seen, it sort of reminded me of my own setup of my small Part 15 FM station!  It was simple and yet to the point.  They basically started out as a small 100 watt station covering about 20 miles in all directions, and later upgraded to an 1800 watt station using a directional antenna covering just over 30 miles.  They are a non-profit Christian station running mostly off of donations from listeners and advertisements from locals.  Being a non-profit station, they were easily able to obtain licensing in the non-commercial FM band of 88-92 MHZ.  Their studio is in downtown Branson, and they use an ISDN line to synchronize their programming with their transmitter site some 6 miles from there.  A perfect example of what a non-profit organization can do on a budget.  Their operating budget is just over $10,000 per month, which is quite low compared to the Kansas City area station KLJC with over a $300,000 annual operating budget.  For all you would-be broadcasters out there, if you ever visit Branson Missouri, give them a visit!  
Although somewhat on the "back burner" of my mind, I am still plugging away at new designs for transmitters and new concepts of how to get the most bang for your buck when setting up a low power station.  Given the present state of the economy, this can be a deciding factor in your willingness or ability to pursue a low power radio station for your small town or neighborhood.  Yes, it does take some money and a lot of work, but it is very rewarding to know that you are doing your part to spread God's word to your community!  Times are tuff, but we all must keep plugging away...
While the project has sort of taken the back burner as far as my recent priorities, it is definitely NOT FORGOTTEN.  Low power radio stations may soon be the only media outlet available for the average person, supposing the end of free society is fixing to come down the barrel (evidence shows us that it is).  With more and more laws and legislation being passed every day, Americans are experiencing less and less freedom every day.  Your first and second amendment rights are in definite jeopardy things spiral downward.  Please take a moment and pray for our nation.
I am still pressing on.  I am just hoping and praying that the right opportunities will come my way both ministry wise and career wise.  Like the majority of Americans, I live paycheck to paycheck and will continue to do so until finally my unsecured debts are paid and I am free to devote more time to these endeavors.  Pray for me as it often seems like an uphill and unending battle.  On the bright side, I have come across several new products and pieces of software as of recent that I feel would be great for the starting of low budget radio stations.  I will continue to update this site as often as I can and am making revisions to my book as well.  God is not finished with this, and neither am I.