Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

Willoughby House, Seaton, Devon


Willoughby House caught my interest as it appeared to be abandoned and derelict. However, whilst talking to someone who was clearing out the building, it transpired that the elderly lady who lived there had left to live in a home, and the house was subsequently put on the market. It's a delightful Edwardian building with several interesting details, including the quirky broken lead piping and an outside electrical switch. The enclosed back garden is totally overgrown with brambles.

Controversy occurred when the Town Council decided to buy it for their meetings. A petition against it was formed, and a meeting in the Town hall was arranged to protest about the debt that would encrue for the town. During that meeting the seller's agent withdrew the purchase to the Council because of the bad feeling. The building has since been restored and is now owned by a private company for it's offices.

There was no access inside, but I managed to take a couple of interior shots through the windows of the two front doors. The one below is of the hall.

The other photo shows one of the downstairs reception rooms. 

The enclosed back garden was full of brambles, below...which I managed to see by squeezing through the hedge running along one side. The other side was enclosed by a high wall.


And finally, the funky cast iron pipe.

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