Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

West Mill, Bridport, Dorset

Bridport has long been associated with rope making, West Mill once having been one of the many mills making up the main industry of the town. 

A long history of the industry includes ropes and cables, which were decreed for his army by King John in 1213, right up to today's industry that still produces fishing, sports, specialist nets and cargo restraints. One of the former products was that of the hangman's rope and noose, which gave rise to the saying that to be hanged was to be 'stabbed with a Bridport dagger'. Most of the goal nets for football championships were made in Bridport, including those used during the 1966 World Cup, as well as the tennis nets used at Wimbledon.

Above, outside the mill sits this delightful winch & cable windlass, which straddles a mill race. 

Across from the main entrance of the mill is another part of the mill race. Heavily overgrown and cordoned off by railings, as the next photo shows.

However, various workings remain, in the photo below.

Front entrance of the mill, below, showing a winch housing and doors for taking in supplies.

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