Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

United Reformed Church, Charmouth, Dorset

Originally the Congregational Chapel, this building dates back to the 17th century and was built along with other post-Mediaeval additions, such as the Almshouses adjacent to the Court. One of the more unusual buildings along The Street in Charmouth, it lies back from the road in its own small courtyard, as do only a few others. Most of the buildings front directly onto the road or have only tiny front gardens.

The roof supports a delightful cupola and has the proportions of the 'Gentle Period' which characterises later Regency buildings, with a central front door and flanking windows. The typical house that young children draw, whatever their own homes look like. The front gate contains trefoil finials with spear finials on the railings either side.  

The rear of the building (below) shows plain brickwork, the old bricks glowing orange in the afternoon sun. Quite a contrast to the cool white plaster and the elegant tracery windows with leaded panes at the front. 

At the front, a small tree-shaded churchyard with a few old graves and headstones.


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