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St Pancras, Exeter, Devon

Incredibly, this lovely tiny church is set in the middle of the Guildhall Shopping Centre. On three sides of the courtyard there are modern shops screened by trees, and on the fourth is a row of mediaeval buildings which are now shops. One of the buildings has a millstone embedded into the wall and another one has a gorgeous old door (in the photo album).

St Pancras church was first recorded in 1191 and is one of the oldest Christian sites in England with a chancel and nave. It is also one of the smallest and is only 46 x 16ft. Exeter was built upon a volcano plug and many of it's older buildings were made from volcanic rock. St Pancras itself was built of Heavitree stone, a type of volcanic rock to be found in the Heavitree area of the city. The bell turret contains a small bell founded in Mermaid Yard by Robert Newton, who established his bell foundry in 1423, and is inscribed with the Latin 'sum parva temen audior ampla per arva', translated as 'I may be small, nevertheless I am heard over a wide distance'.

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