Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

St Gregory's Parish Church, Seaton, Devon

From the outside, St Gregory's looks fairly unremarkable. However, due to the various changes throughout the centuries, the interior is a delight. There is an unusual feature of a tiny doorway and corridor connecting the North transept with the Chancel, chapels have been tagged onto each transept and there is also a top-floor gallery. Yet, despite the mixture and additions of styles, there is a simplicity conveyed by the use of beautifully carved golden wood, mostly plain leaded windows and white-washed walls throughout. To me, it almost has the feeling of the style of the Shakers.

I've come across two conflicting accounts of it's age. One states that it was 12th century, built on the site of an earlier, wooden built church, and the other says that it is 14th century with a 15th century tower. Further research will be carried out and more history will be added at a later date. 

Album in the Photo Gallery for more photos of both the interior and exterior of St Gregory's, plus overall views of the churchyard and some interesting gravestones.

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