Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

St George's County Asylum, Staffordshire

Opened in 1818 to accommodate 120 patients, the asylum later expanded to house around 1,000. It was renamed St George's Hospital in the 1950's, and was eventually closed in the mid 1990's. Although Grade II listed, and despite plans to convert the buildings for residential purposes, the site has been left and allowed to become more and more derelict.


I visited the site in July 2007, during an urbex meet in Stoke-on-Trent. I only have exterior photos though as, due to a disability, I was unable to manage the entrance inside along with my friends. However, I did enjoy a wander around the outside and, to be honest, I often prefer the exterior of a building to the inside. 


The grounds immediately to the front of the building had turned into a delightful meadow full of wild flowers and some garden escapees.

Some of the interesting features include this rather grand entrance (above) with sweeping steps either side. The rusty escape stairs (below) are quite a contrast, but just as interesting in their derelict and overgrown state.

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