Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

St Augustine's RC Church, Seaton, Devon

A very simple, very pretty and unpretentious church, I was recently reminded about it through a chance conversation and decided to take a look.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any history or information about it at all. I do know that the other building connected to it once housed a community of nuns. I remember seeing them around the town occasionally, and also know that they moved away some time ago. Because the church was dedicated to St Augustine, and that the nuns wore black habits, they may very well have been Augustinian Nuns...and that's as much as I've been able to ascertain, albeit very tenuously. As always, I will add more info later when I find out more.

I was very surprised at how modern the interior is, especially the east window. When I was a teenager I once accompanied a Polish friend to sunday mass in her catholic church, which was very similar to an Anglican High Church. That was in the days of latin services and incense, which I thought was wonderful, and was the only previous reference I had.

I don't know very much about catholicism, but I have learned that these are the stations of the cross (photo below).

Below, looking down the aisle towards the entrance.

The building adjoining the church which once housed the nuns.

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