Past Remains

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St Andrew's Parish Church, Colyton, Devon

This was originally the site of a Saxon church, of which the only thing remaining is a lovely Saxon cross dating from circa 900-1000 AD.  The cross was discovered after an extensive fire in 1933, having been built into the west face of the tower, and is now on display in the South Transept.

An unusual feature is the octagonal lantern built onto the square Norman tower, and it is believed to have been inspired by the tower of Bruges Town Hall, a place possibly familiar to Colyton's wool merchants. Other interesting features include the west Window, which is one of the largest to be seen in a Parish Church, and the two massive brass chandeliers in the Nave; each bearing 36 candles. They were bought in 1796 at a cost of £82.

Two chapels flank the Chancel; the Lady Chapel on the left, North side, and the Pole Chapel in the South on the right. The Lady Chapel was once the private chapel of the Younge family who lived at the Great House in South Street. The stone screen is Jacobean. The Pole Chapel contains many ornate monuments to members of the Pole family who lived in Shute, and were the largest land-owners in the area. The stone screen was built in 1524-44, by the then vicar of Colyton, Thomas Brerewood. Oddly enough, when my son was at primary school the four school Houses were named after prominent local land owners of historical note, or manors, and Pole was one of them. My son belonged to Binden, which is a manor house above the village of Axmouth. Another house was Ashe but I can't recall the name of the fourth.

 More photos can be seen in the Photo Gallery.  This was quite an extensive third visit in which all the photos in the gallery were taken, and even so I've missed out several features, as there's much to see here and take in. No doubt I'll be visiting again, and will add to the photos when I do. 

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