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St Giles & St Nicholas's Church, Sidmouth, Devon

Originally a Mediaeval church circa 1174, it was rebuilt during the 15th century then majorly reconstructed in 1858; the tower and columns in the north aisle are the only parts remaining of the earlier building.

On the approach to the front of the building I could see that it looked fairly Victorianised, therefore didn't expect too much from the interior. But, I was about to be surprised. In fact this was the first surprise of two within a week, the second being Lyme Regis's Parish Church...two amazing churches with unusual and beautiful features. The photo above shows a delightful corner, which I came across whilst wandering around the exterior. And again, the Victorian frontage belied the rest of the building. Like many churches which have been altered, added to and rebuilt upon, this one has it's own character and idiosyncrasies.

Below, entering via the south door, I was immediately struck by the beautifully spacious and light interior. 

Below, looking along the nave to the east window, which was given by the Earl of Buckinghamshire. The west window was presented by Queen Victoria in 1867 as a memorial to her father, the Duke of kent, who died in Sidmouth. 

Rich stained glass is a strong feature in the church. The north aisle, below, culminates in a view of the Lady Chapel, in which a piece of mediaeval glass dating from circa 1450 has been preserved. Representing the wounds of Christ with each depicted in red glass surrounded by a golden crown, the window in which it is situated forms a backdrop to the altar, the glass lit from behind.  Sadly, my photo really doesn't do it justice as it is simply stunning.

The font with it's magnificently carved cover is situated at the west end of the nave.

Above, the north side of the church, and below shows the south-east entrance to the churchyard...complete with two delightful squirrels chasing each other around the ancient tree.

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