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St Giles & St Peter's Church, Sidbury, Devon

Situated in the delightful little village of Sidbury, this originally Saxon church sits amidst impossibly beautiful surroundings. As the previous three churches that I visited all contained unique surprises, I wasn't  too disappointed not to find another one as there are still some unusual features, including a couple of things that I haven't seen before, and the building as a whole is quite lovely. Every church, as I've discovered since I began visiting and documenting them, are all unique in their own way.

The architecture covers all the periods up to the present day, including one of only six known Saxon crypts in the country. The tower is dated circa 1150, with a needle spire 95ft high. On the exterior east wall is an example of Norman diaper pattern in the stonework, which is rarely seen in this area.

The aisles date from around 1190 and the transepts with barrel vaulted ceilings are of 15th century origin.

The gallery with organ at the west end, above and below, dated circa 1620.

The village and church have been on my list of places to visit for some time, but it's not easily get-at-able for me. However, a friend staying for a weekend recently drove me out there and we enjoyed a lovely wander around in the early evening. And just to put the cherry on the icing there's a pub just across from the church, where we enjoyed a pint in the garden as the sun lit up the hills behind the church. Bliss!

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