Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

Water Treatment Plant, Seaton, Devon

This was one of those happenstance visits when I had a walk to take some photos in the area, and found the gate open! So, taking  the opportunity to have a look around, I met the operative who was working inside the plant. He very kindly gave me a quick tour and explained the workings. The visit was in June 2009.   

In the photo below, I was shown the outlet for the treated water.

Edit: Whilst copying my pages during the changeover to a new website builder I discovered this page unfinished. So I've made a note of it and will be adding more information and photos as soon as I can (along with a huge backlog of other pages to bring up to date).

There are a few more photos in the Photo Gallery album. Unfortunately it was an extremely hot and bright middle of the day, and most of them came out badly, so I haven't included them all.  There are a few atmospheric ones from the perimeter which I took during different visits, so l might include them later when I finish the page.

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