Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

Vintage Scrapyard, Newton Poppleford, Devon

I absolutely loved this site! Having seen it several times whilst travelling past on the bus, I wasn't sure if it was live or abandoned, so I decided to make a visit in autumn 2007. The yard is live and used, but the owner kindly allowed me to have a wander around and he also told me some of it's history.

The land was once the site of a sawmill, built in 1895, and before that it was used for saw pits. The loading shed was built during the 1950's, when it became a scrapyard. Now it is mainly used to restore vintage machinery.


There was so much to see, including several tractors and other rural machinery. Together with a sunny, Autumnal day, it was altogether very photogenic as well as extremely fascinating.

Amongst the various trucks and tractors there was also a delightful old steam engine, which was made in 1911 for Peebles in Morcambe, Lancashire (below).

Some more photos can be seen below. I can't put a name to everything I saw, so I'll leave the photos to speak for themselves.

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