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A view of yesterday from today

Water Treatment Plant & Research Establishment, Exeter, Devon

On June 21st 2009 and the longest day of the year, a friend and myself had a drive along the coast...just for the fun of it, stopping at various places and enjoying a day out doing nothing in particular. We stopped on the quayside at Topsham briefly, and I wondered if it was possible to explore the other side of the River Exe, where derelict boats and a building left to decay could be seen. So, crossing the bridge further up the river, we turned to the left and what we believed to be the other side. As it happened, and not realising until later on, we were on a spit of land which juts out into the centre of the river and not on the other side at all. However, we did find this.

Now, I've got a 'thing' for water treatment plants...don't know why, but there's something about them and I find the tanks and treatment beds interesting to explore.The gates were locked and there was no access, but some of the buildings and tanks could be seen from the path. Not only that, but it was such a lovely place to meander around, and quite magical during the evening of the Summer solstice. 

Walking along the right side of the plant to take photos of the tanks, the idea was to walk to the end and come back along the other side if possible.

There were quite a few people fishing on the other side of the bank, taking advantage of the late summer light.

As it happened, the end was nowhere in sight, and because it was already 9 pm we decided to walk back the way we came.  Which worked out well as we had time to end the day sitting in a pub garden with a couple of pints! Magic!

On the way back we spotted this humungous fungus, below. 

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