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Racal Electronics (Part 2 - Demolition & Remains)

Racal Electronics was finally demolished in June 2008, after lying empty for eight years. Plans for the site include luxury riverside apartments (no surprise there, then!) and a path with picnic areas alongside the river. History and information about the building can be seen on the site visit page for Racal Part One.

I was alerted about the demolition by a friend on the urbex forum that I belong to, and was just in time to take some photos. The crew were in the process of erecting hoardings around the site and demolition was already well under way. Fortunately, I was able to see quite a bit before the hoardings blocked the view.

One of the many things I loved about this site was the amount of flowering shrubs, roses and other plants, in and surrounding the grounds. Sadly, they were all ripped out.

Just as I was leaving, I had an opportunity to take a photo of the inside through a partially demolished window (below).

The photos below were taken from further visits later on, with huge piles of building materials and other odd remains on site.

Oddly enough, although the benches had been ripped apart, the concrete uprights had been left in situ and the shelter and oil tank still remained.

When visiting the site after demolition, I saw some more bird feeders that I hadn't noticed before. What is sad though, is that a couple of weeks later all the trees were chopped down. I honestly can't comprehend why this was done, as nothing else has been cleared since, and the great piles of waste still remain two years later in 2010.

More photos in the Photo Gallery album, documenting both the demolition as it happened and the remains afterwards.

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