Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

Pump Farm, Whitford, Devon

Pump Farm is comprised of an ancient Devon Long House, as well as the buildings associated with a farm, and has belonged to the same family for 400 years. As well as being lived in by the present generation, it also serves as a Bed & Breakfast during the holiday season. I haven't included a photo of the Long House yet, as the only ones I have were taken during the winter months. The frontage is covered with dark brown creepers and, together with the thatched roof, makes it look rather grim at this time of the year. However, during the summer and autumn, it is absolutely glorious with bright green leaves turning flaming red and orange later on. It's also rather difficult to get the whole of the front in one photo, due to its length! 

The farm itself is available to let by other farmers, although at the time of my first visit in 2007 it had been left empty for some time. A recent visit in Feb 2010 gave me the opportunity to look at some of the parts that I'd previously missed and add more photos.

More photos from two different visits can be viewed in the Photo Gallery album. 

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