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Old Church House, Colyton, Devon

Dated 1612, this delightful part-Mediaeval building is situated in Vicarage Street. I haven't been able to find much about it, apart from the fact that it was once used by two organisations, neither of which relate to the name. The Feoffees, Colyton's Town Council, was established in the 1500s and once used the building as their meeting house. Also once occupied by Colyton Grammar School, dating from 1546, which subsequently moved to the village of Colyford in 1927.

According to the itinerary as a Grade II listed building, there are more delights inside, including three overmantles made from old material in the Jacobean style (albeit mostly fake), a 17th century corbelled stone fireplace and an 18th century stone chimneypiece. The staircase was either reconstructed or imported, and sounds wonderful with it's heavy balusters, massive newels and carved finials of dancing bears. Other original remains include ceiling beams, some reset panelling and fragments of Mediaeval painted glass and Victorian stained glass.

There are only these six photos at present, which can also be seen in the Photo Gallery album. Some more may be available after a further visit to Colyton in the not too distant future.

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