Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

Iron Bridge, North St, Exeter, Devon

In 1834, a new bridge was ordered by the newly appointed City Commissioners to span across the steep-sided Longbrook Valley. The original approach, Lower North Street, was too narrow and had become increasingly difficult for the horse drawn carts carrying lime from lime kilns in the St Leonards area.

The bridge was cast between 1834-35, by Russell and Brown of Blaina in Monmouthshire, and has six 40ft arches with a total span of 800ft. The parts were brought to the city by sea and up the Exeter Ship Canal, where they were unloaded at the Canal Basin.  The newly erected bridge made it much easier for coach and horses and the last coaching inn to be built, the Crown and Scepter, was duly opened, it's doors wide enough to accommodate the six-horse coaches from Barnstaple.

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